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1 These features are very valuable in non-English speaking locales.
2 They are still making noises about selecting non-English players.
3 These words are usually derived from non-English words.
4 Non-English versions have different sets of languages.
5 The non-English language sites display film titles in the specified language.
6 Download the english version here and non-english versions here.
7 The value is subject to translation in non-English locales.
8 In non-English speaking countries, they are usually numbered.
9 Language requirements for a non-English placement are exacting.
10 One of these old cards was always non-English .
11 It was also aired in non-English speaking countries.
12 See also non-English usage of quotation marks.
13 Besides I live in non-english speaking country.
14 The larger schools have the highest concentrations of Non-English speaking children.
15 In non-English language reviews the game was received positively as well.
16 There are also various non-English language cast albums of the musical.
17 Content translation is also available for advertisers looking for non-English solutions.
18 A one semester overseas educational program in a non-English speaking country.
19 Bonus points for dialog , non-English language films and older stuff.
20 In certain citations I have added italics to non-English words.
21 The game was also well received by non-English publications.
22 Another possibility is that it derives from non-English languages.
23 The minor can be taken by non-English majors.
24 Is the service accessible to non-English Speakers?
25 This may restrict the extension of these results to non-English speakers.
26 The Workshop also provided materials to non-English speaking children and adults.
27 Check this link for a list of non-English sites.
28 The species has many other non-English names due to its wide distribution.
29 Up and down the colonies non-English ethnic groups had clusters of settlements.
30 ESOL tutors teach conversational English to non-English speaking adults.
31 Many non-English languages ascribe gender to nouns.
32 Programs can be developed for English and non-English language radio stations.
33 The Army Beta test also helped to test non-English speaking service members.
34 Non-English literacy is being confused with illiteracy and that is not right!
35 I see we have some erm non-English carols down here.
36 Also included on the Second Supply were the first non-English settlers.
37 Incidentally, I find the contributions of commenters from non-english cultures fascinating!
38 Many non-English authors were heavily influence from Ovid's works as well.
39 The FA Cup has only been won by a non-English team once.
40 Optional information such as language is expected, if the release is non-English .