nuclear war

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1 He plans to ignite a global nuclear war .
2 The special effects and realistic portrayal of nuclear war received praise.
3 A nuclear war that blows half the world away ?
4 Early detection is considered particularly important in deterring nuclear war .
5 Nor are cruise missiles intended for fighting nuclear war in Europe.
6 But first it is necessary to avoid nuclear war .
7 You might find that your resolve to prevent nuclear war strengthens.
8 This document presents opinions on Soviet leadership in nuclear war .
9 Earth begins to recover from its nuclear war .
10 Soviet military planners assumed they can win the nuclear war .
11 The album had songs about abortion, homelessness and nuclear war .
12 This catastrophe leads the world into another disaster ... nuclear war .
13 Their only fears were nuclear war and AIDS .
14 The Signal Corps was concerned about nuclear war .
15 Non-examples are mass extinction and nuclear war .
16 The anti-conflict song was given an aggressively topical nuclear war slant.
17 He also advocated positions such as opposing preemptive nuclear war .
18 Regardless of the purpose, nuclear war is the likely outcome.
19 I don't feel it is from nuclear war .
20 Cuban Missile crisis defined as the brink of nuclear war .
21 Albert Einstein warns that nuclear war could lead to mutual destruction.
22 Some time in 1999, a nuclear war occurred.
23 The most likely way that could happen was through nuclear war .
24 Defcon is a game about nuclear war .
25 Reagan hated war, particularly the specter of nuclear war .
26 The world of Earth-1189 was devastated by nuclear war .
27 Will wars in the Middle East escalate to nuclear war ?
28 The colonists witness a nuclear war on Earth from Mars.
29 Interest in nuclear war environmental effects also arose in the USSR.
30 This could lead to global nuclear war –or worse, socialism!
31 Because his home planet Melmac had exploded by the nuclear war .
32 It involves none of the sophisticated nomenclature of the nuclear war debates.
33 As president, Reagan identified his overriding challenge as preventing nuclear war .
34 It is that the danger of nuclear war is off their backs.
35 This was the closest the world has been to a nuclear war .
36 He registered his concerns against the proliferation of nuclear war in 1984.
37 That's why nuclear war is so frightening - like slapstick.
38 The medical profession and nuclear war .
39 Well, in case of nuclear war , this was it!
40 Is North Korea going to trigger a nuclear war or what?