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1 How might outreach itself solve those needs?
2 The residents are involved in outreach ministries too.
3 Our focus is community service through outreach and cooperation.
4 The project involves community and educational outreach .
5 Many sponsor research and education outreach projects.
6 Its principal goals are community outreach and society service.
7 DRC is active in various community outreach programs.
8 Provide better customer service through security awareness and outreach .
9 You put together a marvelous weekly social media outreach strategy .
10 This short list illustrates how limited outreach has been .
11 Great four outreach and tracking social engagement .
12 This outreach center attracts and interests many tourists.
13 Have marketing and outreach efforts been effective?
14 Outreach services include free condom distribution; services are available internationally.
15 Christian county outreach office consolidate medical bills mortgage help state mortgage programs.
16 Another is part of a homeless outreach .
17 Community outreach and other enrichment opportunities are available.
18 The teens there were running a successful café outreach .
19 Certain niches tend to lend themselves better to different outreach strategies.
20 Our outreach volunteers help make this happen.
21 The system did not include special outreach to minority communities.
22 College professors are also good outreach coordinators.
23 New issues of identity and further outreach are emerging.
24 It became known for progressive music and community outreach .
25 An outreach meeting is scheduled with the community.
26 Their missionary outreach is with the sword!
27 Our focus is on both advocacy and outreach .
28 They recognize that outreach to youth is vital.
29 It is a wonderful tool for outreach .
30 Education and youth outreach are a main focus.
31 We are also undertake health promotion and outreach .
32 The church was providing a real and much needed outreach .
33 Overall the outreach compared to required investment is very limited.
34 Outreach specialists observe whether people keep or discard pamphlets.
35 Outreach staff are usually involved in filling and labeling bleach bottles.
36 Workshops and presentations are typical activities of community outreach .
37 Provide training on street and community outreach .
38 Develop budgets for outreach and organizing activities.
39 Colleges often organise their own outreach and charitable activities.
40 It continues as a community outreach organization.