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1 An overhead pass is another fundamental passing technique.
2 Another potential safety issue is overhead power lines.
3 Power is usually transmitted through overhead power lines.
4 Pain is usually made worse with overhead activities.
5 The top floor directly overhead had been abandoned for years.
6 Conflicts between managers and workers increases overhead cost.
7 This uniformity reduces development and maintenance overhead .
8 Powerful lines of natural rock cleavage run riot overhead .
9 Living close to overhead electric power lines causes health hazards.
10 Faster administrative processes reduce overhead and costs.
11 The sky overhead looked dark and dreary.
12 But overhead is where the action really is.
13 The wooden cover slides into place overhead .
14 You should avoid erecting these fences beneath overhead power cables.
15 This is called the overhead destination sign.
16 Your overhead margin is easy to calculate.
17 Stay down while the helicopter moves overhead .
18 A bigger brain carries a high energy overhead .
19 Why should predetermined overhead rates be used?
20 C. the predetermined overhead rate is too high.
21 Energy production ceases when clouds pass overhead .
22 An overhead panoramic shot from helicopter is available.
23 The tracks and overhead wiring were removed.
24 The films were produced using a specially mounted overhead camera.
25 Search results are displayed on three large screens overhead .
26 Other operators mainly used the more conventional overhead electric wires.
27 For many years lane directions were indicated by overhead signals.
28 Power supply was entirely by overhead wire.
29 Conventional overhead cables are used outside the city.
30 There was another streak of lightning overhead .
31 The system solved the cache coherence overhead problem.
32 Clean ceiling fans and overhead light fixtures .
33 He was found close to overhead electricity railway cables.
34 The strongest effect is where the sun is directly overhead .
35 The lighting overhead is all custom made.
36 Typically air systems are run overhead with branch drops.
37 A collage of words read heard overhead .
38 Keep device away from overhead power lines.
39 His immediate thought was the gym floor directly overhead .
40 The practice maintains very low overhead of below $1000.