past research

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1 This study extends past research in four respects.
2 Includes an archive of past research articles.
3 Past research has shown that spirituality facilitates recovery from alcoholism.
4 Past research has shown other health benefits of marriage .
5 Past research also supports the creativity boost gained from happiness.
6 Past research has linked macropsia to migraine.
7 But in past research for many parts of your life.
8 They took from past research and tried to improve it.
9 This finding may throw some light on inconsistencies evident in past research .
10 The consensus between past research and the selective invisibility theme is clear.
11 Methodological problems have hindered past research on mortality differentials.
12 Past research has turned up mixed findings for where exactly this spot is.
13 Past Research has shown that stepfamilies can be problematic for children.