3.03 hits per million
1 Females lay their eggs among those pebbles .
2 Something was sparkling very brightly among its pebbles .
3 The strata encountered were dense sand mixed with pebbles .
4 White quartz pebbles reinforce the structure".
5 They prefer using rounded pebbles to jagged rocks.
6 The beach itself is of fine pebbles .
7 The pebbles are called "Fortune stones".
8 Some feature golden sands, others dark volcanic pebbles .
9 Smaller pebbles and stones make exceptional plant markers.
10 These pebbles are the remnants of ancient floods.
11 Many small limestone pebbles are found on the surface.
12 His whole notes sank through her body like clear pebbles .
13 It was filled with sand and small pebbles .
14 No pebbles were present in the enclosing sand.
15 The clouds are nicely shown, the pebbles are nicely shown.
16 Huge slabs, large rocks or small pebbles ?
17 Across the street warm lights showed through pebbled glass.
18 This would cost at least 100 times more than brilliant pebbles .
19 In consequence more pebbles and more of the current are involved.
20 The sea that washes the pebbles and corals ashore.
21 Here they were dragging pebbles off the sand into small heaps.
22 The bulbs will send roots in among the pebbles .
23 They live in houses built of pebbles and stones.
24 The top layers of the flooring are smooth pebbles and stones.
25 Part of the beach is covered in pebbles .
26 The pebbles he has thrown have shown these things.
27 Some species may swallow stones or pebbles for reasons not understood.
28 What's small and green and eats pebbles ?
29 It began to drop pebbles into the pitcher.
30 The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.
31 You might still pick up shells and pebbles there.
32 The pebbles have been sorted, arranged, selected.
33 The bottom consisted of large igneous pebbles .
34 The beaches are both sandy and pebbled .
35 These objects are sometimes small pebbles or other hard detritus.
36 H 300 cm, basins 800 cm x 600 cm, pebbles .
37 Large gravel pebbles are especially poor for UG filters.
38 I've knocked loose tiny pebbles that have ruined a stalk.
39 Can I carry on throwing pebbles into the pool?
40 The words dropped into the room, like hard pebbles .