20.08 hits per million
1 Thus neither pen pal was possessed entirely "pure" intentions.
2 The pen tool itself is pretty exciting.
3 His pen lashed friend and foe alike.
4 You will find different coloured pens useful.
5 Pat set with ink pen quite flat pad.
6 I am very happy with both pens .
7 The pen was kept full on purpose.
8 But the pen below was nearly empty.
9 This tool has been invaluable on several pen test engagements.
10 A familiar practice is giving pens to children.
11 His left hand grips the pen awkwardly.
12 You find vintage pens where they are.
13 This is a very nice looking pen !
14 These books are published under a pen name.
15 Over the weekend 160 pens were used.
16 The white stripe was applied with paint marker pens .
17 He receives mysterious phone calls and poison pen letters.
18 His publications were partially written under a pen name.
19 A further three dolphins were found dead near the holding pens .
20 Pen trials suggest black spruce is not actually preferred.
21 A manual wire wrap tool resembles a small pen .
22 Every app that supports input already support pen input.
23 Just touch current pen to change thickness .
24 Pen companies introduced replicas with updated workings.
25 Sea pens are also called soft corals.
26 The pen uses cartridge or converter filling.
27 Others like liquid ink roller ball pens .
28 Use coloured pens or differing coloured backgrounds to increase attention.
29 Not until you put down your pen .
30 Never had a black pen made such an offensive mark.
31 There is seating and a pen available.
32 Range cattle were judged in pens of 15 each.
33 Library books are not written by collective pens .
34 Dog pens are an essential accessory for every dog owner.
35 The angle of the pen while drawing.
36 His writing was eclectic and he penned several tunes.
37 Who says pretty pens need to be expensive?
38 They provide calligraphy brush pens so survivors can write verses themselves.
39 Mazda concept car drawing in pencil and pen .
40 I do meticulous pen and ink drawings.