physical needs

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1 People are different and have different physical needs .
2 The husband should satisfy his wife's physical needs .
3 Giving comfort and providing for physical needs of aged parents.
4 Anyway men have physical needs , he complained.
5 She cared for the physical needs of Christ.
6 We would appreciate your prayers for her physical needs .
7 Please pray for the physical needs of the team too.
8 Physical needs Politicians have been persuaded to divulge secrets through sex.
9 His physical needs may be well catered for at the moment.
10 I am sure that Islam satisfies all my spiritual and physical needs .
11 We care for their physical needs .
12 Working correctly means adjusting your workplace to suit your body's physical needs .
13 Aside from physical needs , our whole nation needs uplifting emotionally and spiritually.
14 Be attentive to his physical needs , even when you are tired.
15 We beseech Adonai in our physical needs .
16 Describe ways to meet the physical needs of the dying client. 7.
17 A person who is filled with the Holy Spirit has minimal physical needs .
18 They are both wise to worry about the physical needs of that future family.
19 He tempted him to gain *disciples by providing for their * physical needs .
20 Ends that are based on physical needs or wants always give merely hypothetical imperatives.
21 Does it seem almost unspiritual that God would care about your physical needs ?
22 HAFF understands the importance of meeting physical needs in addition to spiritual and educational.
23 That means looking after your emotional and physical needs and making stress management a priority.
24 To extend this, Deacons are over the physical needs of the Church.
25 They abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight hours.
26 Care is concerned primarily with ensuring physical health and safety, and meeting basic physical needs .
27 Pray that God will provide for their physical needs and guard their hearts against anxiety.
28 Of course a horse's physical needs have to be satisfied to avoid psychological distress too.
29 His physical needs were slight and his ability to stand up to punishment unshaken truly astounding.
30 The rich man had all the food shelter and physical needs anyone could need or want.
31 It seems it was designed to serve the gods by meeting their physical needs for food.
32 And in some cases , people need some support with physical needs because of limitations.
33 The exigencies of life first confronted it in the form of the great physical needs .
34 Mary caters to his physical needs , always offering him food, drink, and rest.
35 In what ways has God come through to supply your physical needs in times of desperation?
36 This applies not only to his physical needs , but also to his mental disposition.
37 Whether they are backyard koi or show koi, they have the same basic physical needs .
38 Wedlock was not only a solution to urgent physical needs , it was a social duty.
39 Like the animals in the nature park, welfare people have their physical needs provided for.
40 With their physical needs relatively satisfied, the individual's safety needs take precedence and dominate behavior.