physical proximity

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1 Generally, strong personal ties are supported by physical proximity .
2 How much physical proximity does one need to qualify as such?
3 Physical proximity is no longer required to enable a burst of innovation .
4 Endogenous neural stem cells are often in close physical proximity to blood vessels.
5 Additionally, S can verify that T is in immediate physical proximity .
6 However, physical proximity to management or program analysts is not a requirement.
7 One commonly studied factor is physical proximity (also known as propinquity).
8 Their differing social statures leave them worlds apart, despite their close physical proximity .
9 What you describe is AirPlay Mirroring , which requires close physical proximity .
10 Physical proximity is no guarantee of interestingness , for either places or people.
11 Solitude refers to the lack of physical proximity of an individual to others.
12 This physical proximity also created spectacular acoustic effects, much like the Chicago Stadium.
13 In such a situation, the argument of physical proximity can no longer be upheld.
14 Karen has a tendency to stumble upon becoming aware of her physical proximity to certain rivals.
15 His physical proximity invariably seemed to provoke in her sensations with which she was quite unfamiliar.
16 The requirements of a 9 to 5 work day or physical proximity are starting to evaporate.
17 Physical proximity . The closer people are to one another the greater the opportunities for communication.
18 People are more likely to form relationships with those who are in close physical proximity of them.
19 Aside from physical proximity , the Plantations has affiliations with a number of Cornell academic departments.
20 The organizational constraints of departmental organization (including power) and physical proximity continued to play important roles.
21 Because of their physical proximity , these are genetically linked, and are inherited as a unit.
22 The close physical proximity facilitates knowledge spillovers, helping people and firms exchange information and generate new ideas.
23 The Internet potentially reduces the importance of physical proximity in creating and maintaining networks of strong social ties.
24 Foxes ignore jackal scents or tracks in their territories, and avoid close physical proximity with jackals themselves.
25 Networks can be based on physical proximity , such as an office, apartment building or a city.
26 The likelihood of recombination during meiosis increases as the physical proximity of one gene becomes closer to another gene.
27 Although a file may require several clusters, the clusters need not be in close physical proximity on the disk.
28 Sometimes, allusions to physical proximity were unavoidable, but it was never, on any occasion, represented literally.
29 The notion of physical proximity to the holy increasing the power of intercession was also well-established by the sixth century.
30 The best way for a father to ensure constant physical proximity is to be married to the mother of his children.
31 It can also support eight-person matches with ad-hoc, which is a local connectivity option for players in close physical proximity .
32 The different communities were pre-eminent within small spheres of influence ("ie", within physical proximity of the communities).
33 This was dubbed the Delphi Project and was used to determine how physical proximity might generate more discussion and creativity with ideas.
34 As the richness of your communication channel cools you lose physical proximity and the conscious and subconscious clues that such proximity provides.
35 Physical proximity may be of some relevance in demonstrating the closeness of the emotional bond between plaintiff and the injured family member.
36 Community planners for decades have urged mixed-use development , in which we combine work, play and shopping in closer physical proximity .
37 Humpbacks are thought to be mostly solitary creatures, though such songs indicate that close physical proximity is by no means necessary for social contact of a vocal nature.
38 This bonding results not only from their physical proximity (due to their foraging style) but also due to activities which enhance their sense of closeness.
39 However, increasing urbanization means that even as people live in greater physical proximity to each other, they have less day-to-day contact with their neighbors.
40 The supremacy they crave unites them, and despite the moments when the ever sensual Lady Macbeth pushes and criticises her husband, they show a lot of love for each other, represented by their physical proximity on stage.