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1 The term originally had a positive connotation .
2 As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation .
3 On the contrary, sexuality had an unequivocally positive connotation .
4 However, the name has not alway had such positive connotations .
5 Positive connotation of TaTEDO approach Low-hanging fruit.
6 Unlike Christianity, in Judaism, The Lion has positive connotations .
7 Medication has a positive connotation , whereas drug can have a negative connotation.
8 The term has positive connotations , implying a dynamic ability to travel across the ocean.
9 There are those who think and even preach that Jesus was using a positive connotation .
10 However, in general white paper is considered to have positive connotations and dark having negative.
11 Could the the symbolism in a children's TV show be reinforcing a positive connotation ?
12 The romantic image of the waiter 's hands gives positive connotations of good service and quality.
13 It may have positive connotations but under present general conditions it is seen as a second-rate alternative.
14 A robbery in a dream also has positive connotations , except for a swaggerer who lives on betraying others.
15 Loanwords borrowed from Slavic often have an emotional context, and they represent a positive connotation in many cases.
16 The language drew heavily on terms with positive connotations : democracy, markets, freedom, choice, and innovation.
17 In El Salvador it can also be used with an ironically positive connotation as in "¡Se ve bien vergón!
18 And whether the words have a negative or positive connotation seems to determine whether the attention wanders or the foot gets heavier .
19 This value is frequently cited by politicians who wish to associate themselves or their party with the positive connotations of this notion.
20 In the early days of digital media and the Internet, 'participation' has become a buzzword with only positive connotations .
21 Though the wisdom of the serpent has a positive connotation , it is also meant to contrast with the innocence of doves.
22 The term deceit does not having opposing definitions, i.e., a positive connotation for Paul and a negative one for his competitors.
23 However, that can change over time; the wordsmith loses some control once a neologism escapes into the wild, and I think that "bromance" has developed a more positive connotation over the years, because of the genuinely deep bonds of friendship between real men in the real world, and sympathetic depictions of such in movies and TV.
24 Age and race comments with positive connotations on McCain-focused sites were virtually nonexistent; however, 56% of all age-related comments were negative ones directed towards McCain.
25 Insofar as the 'post' of postmodernism points to a lack, an emptying of a previous content, an absence of positive connotations to the present, then the term might do quite well to describe the current mood of dissatisfaction in Italian literary culture.
26 Aging can simply refer to the passage of time and can even have a positive connotation as in "aging wine." In the context of senescence.info , and unless otherwise noted, the term "aging" refers to the biological process of growing older in a deleterious sense, what some authors call "senescence" ( Williams, 1957 ; Comfort, 1964 ; Finch, 1990 ). (Personally, I actually prefer the term "senescence." If this were an academic book, I would be tempted to use the term "senescence." Being a website with visitors from various backgrounds, I
27 Final share ratios over 1 (1.0) carry a positive connotation in the BitTorrent community because they indicate that the user has sent more data to other users than they received.
28 But what would have been the result, given that all of the known terms have long been occupied by esoteric circles who have ascribed them far from simple or positive connotations ?
29 The CPB requested the name change after research showed that the name "dried plum" offers a more positive connotation than "prune" and would encourage more people to try the fruit.
30 TRANSFER Words and ideas with positive connotations are used to suggest that the positive qualities should be associated with the product and the user e.g. a textile manufacturer wanting people to wear their product to stay cool during the summer shows people wearing fashions made from their cloth at a sunny seaside setting where there is a cool breeze.
31 Given this research's suggestion of a connection between technology and a sense of youthfulness for over 50s, this demographic might be pleased and thus more responsive when targeted through the likes of Facebook - a platform that clearly has positive connotations for them – or simply on the net.
32 Those who reject being categorized as either pasivo or activo are labeled internacional , a term with positive connotations of sophistication and modernity.
33 There is evidence that anorexia nervosa itself has developed a positive connotation and that eating disorder symptoms are viewed as neither unusual nor abnormal by the general public.
34 For the average American consumer, the term "organic" has a positive connotation and the beneficial properties of organic foods may be misinterpreted or exaggerated.
35 On account of its normally positive connotation , it has a rhetorical power rendering it suitable as a political slogan (Westen 1990).
36 The social atmosphere and positive connotation of smoking the narghile is likely to overshadow the health concerns and make it ultimately seem less harmful than smoking cigarettes.
37 Some are negative, menacing symbols such as the various Demons and Devils, but a majority of them take on positive connotations within Catholicism.
38 In one way, the brand creates a positive connotation with itself, in another, the brand creates a negative connotation of life without the product.
39 Although Almond and Verba drew attention to some of the inconsistencies and problems inherent in the civic culture, it was nonetheless difficult not to ascribe positive connotations to that culture.
40 Note, however, that there are also some grammatically feminine terms with positive connotations that are routinely used for both men and women, for example, знаменитость ("znamenítost'", celebrity, feminine because it is an abstract noun).