positive effect

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1 There are many positive effects concerning media consumption.
2 Even more moderate weight loss showed positive effects .
3 Positive effects of climate change are generally ignored.
4 This positive effect increases with larger groups.
5 This bigger and more diverse female presence has positive effects .
6 Too 'many substances had positive effects .
7 The following meditation illustrates the positive effect fasting has on meditation.
8 The scientific community is starting to validate its positive effects .
9 Some invasive species have had a positive effect .
10 It has positive effects on your digestive system.
11 These government proclamations produced little positive effect .
12 Yet a meta-analysis combining previous studies finds a positive effect .
13 Test subjects wearing energearTM experience proven positive effects .
14 So, 50 mg dose to see positive effects ?
15 In moderation, caffeine can have very positive effects .
16 Leisure time has positive effects on morale and energy.
17 The creative expression of the higher urges yields most positive effects .
18 And it does have a positive effect .
19 War has a very positive effect on technological development and invention.
20 Does it really have a positive effect clinically?
21 These sites have demonstrated a positive effect on student achievement.
22 Any apparent positive effects are all in the mind.
23 The law seemed to have had a positive effect .
24 This had a significant positive effect on his image.
25 Additionally, urban renewal can have many positive effects .
26 So why has that had no positive effect on sales?
27 Her absence had a profound positive effect of their outlook .
28 Some people feel that drugs have positive effects .
29 What's the biggest positive effect of online education?
30 If the practice is done regularly, the positive effects increase.
31 Moreover, British rule had some distinctly positive effects .
32 This positive effect is undiminished with age.
33 High organic matter content has a positive effect on soil physical properties.
34 The indenture system had two positive effects on subsequent generations.
35 Attendance of a preschool had a positive effect , too.
36 She's had a positive effect on the whole family.
37 Occupation has a positive effect on health and well-being.
38 This has a definite positive effect on our state of mind.
39 This reportedly had a positive effect on their fear of heights.
40 Royce considered sustaining the initiative because of its positive effects .