positive image

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1 The positive image lies on the ground in three fragments.
2 Only positive images and feelings of the future .
3 But there are also more recent, more positive images .
4 It gives them a positive image , exposure, appeal.
5 I like making films that are positive images of our community.
6 Visionary leaders consciously build a positive image of themselves for followers.
7 The positive image is the emulsion that remains after imaging.
8 Can a positive image of lesbianism promote it?
9 Conventional radars look for a positive image of the sky.
10 A positive image in conflicting times.
11 Do any of these words conjure up positive images for you?
12 The U.S. used to have a very positive image in the world.
13 He tries to present a positive image about him and his family.
14 Create a Positive Image ... people like positive people. 6.
15 I prefer to concentrate on the positive image I've seen in competition.
16 The positive image of the non-violent Singing Revolution spread among the western media.
17 We grew up in a heterosexual culture which banishes positive images of homosexuality.
18 Positive images of sexually active fat women are absent from both mainstream and alternative media.
19 Even so-called positive images of Black people can lead to stereotypes about intelligence.