positive outcome

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1 This type of marriage practice has many positive outcomes .
2 There is another very positive outcome of this exercise.
3 All possible positive outcomes need to be considered.
4 Overall, this alternative approach has shown positive outcomes .
5 His energy and enthusiasm stimulated discussion and achieved a positive outcome .
6 The direction which produces a positive outcome is the preferred direction.
7 Educational quality also implies positive outcomes for participants' health.
8 Approach motivation is a motivation to experience a positive outcome .
9 These are positive outcomes and ones that we support.
10 But more funds does not always translate into any positive outcomes .
11 It manages weaknesses and threats to create a positive outcome .
12 Both studies used rigorous evaluation methods and produced positive outcomes on attendance.
13 That said, there are also some possible positive outcome .
14 There 's no possible positive outcome for him.
15 Positive, optimistic beliefs will always bring about a positive outcome .
16 The dynamics of this situation produce positive outcomes for all students.
17 Results from the program have showed positive outcomes on family relationships.
18 Participation was valued by parents because it resulted in positive outcomes .
19 What positive outcome can come from that?
20 Research indicates that wealth is related to many positive outcomes in life.
21 Other researchers have found different, more positive outcomes from negative campaigns.
22 A state of desperateness or revenge never has a positive outcome .
23 Among the remedies with positive outcomes reported were all-male classes.
24 I fabricate a minor disagreement that had a positive outcome .
25 Some researchers have also claimed positive outcomes in hypnotherapy treatment.
26 This was included as a positive outcome for the English applicant.
27 Unfortunately , few of them point to a more positive outcome .
28 If there was a positive outcome , I was the hero.
29 Hopefully, this 2011 meeting will have a similarly positive outcome .
30 Then you have the greatest chance of having a positive outcome .
31 This can be a positive outcome of this situation.
32 Reporting after the death could have no positive outcome .
33 The positive outcome reflects the power of convergence of roles and authorities.
34 He said the chances of a positive outcome might be 10%.
35 And the results, hopefully, will have a positive outcome .
36 These steps contribute to positive outcomes .
37 Do they really believe extortion is going to create any possible positive outcome ?
38 FFC Frankfurt held out the possibility of a positive outcome .
39 Make it apparent that we really like helping them achieve positive outcomes .
40 If caught early, bacterial endocarditis can result in a positive outcome .