positive value

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1 Positive values are favorable, negative values are unfavorable.
2 The permeability of naturally occurring materials is a positive value .
3 Positive values north of the celestial equator.
4 The Scouting movement is built on positive values .
5 Positive values stretch the highlight along the U direction.
6 Teach them positive values and skills for living.
7 Three of the items had positive values of difficulty estimates.
8 Our country was founded on the positive value of change.
9 The existence of a positive value is itself a positive value.
10 The existence of a positive value is itself a positive value .
11 By convention, positive values indicate cyclonic rotation.
12 Positive values are used to indicate a receding object.
13 Positive values lighten tones and negative values darken them .
14 Entering a positive value will cause a process to lose priority.
15 Positive values are represented by using sign-and-magnitude representation.
16 If q has a positive value , the system has gained energy.
17 Shirley MacLaine might assign a positive value to being dead.
18 Rewards are the elements of a relationship that have positive value .
19 In any absolute scale of measurement, only positive values are permitted.
20 Positive values add to the terrain and negative values will remove terrain.
21 The positive value of exercise should not be under-estimated.
22 There are negative and positive values .
23 Rewards are actions with positive values and punishments are actions with negative values.
24 In Chapter IX, Orwell demonstrates the positive value of propaganda.
25 In accounting terms , an asset has to be of positive value .
26 Hence the positive value attached to mobility and sharing in their societies.