positive view

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1 I love your positive view of the electric car.
2 People generally hold unrealistically positive views about themselves.
3 This positive view , however, is not universally held.
4 People with overly positive views were actually maladjusted in clinical interviews.
5 The previous published literature also showed positive view on CWS.
6 Not everyone shares Markey's positive view of wind power.
7 Reconstructionist Judaism has expressed positive views on transgender people.
8 The Profitboss takes broad and positive view about audit.
9 However, these positive views should be treated with some caution.
10 People in Africa have a positive view towards China.
11 They also tend to have positive views of their relationships.
12 Comstock, however, has a positive view .
13 People engage in behaviors that represent a positive view of civil society.
14 This positive view tended to disappear in the later Surahs.
15 Havel remained to be generally positive viewed from Czech citizens.
16 I have a very positive view of a quick, easy labor.
17 Which, overall, supports a more positive view of birth throughout society.
18 I will study my maps a little more before giving my positive views .
19 The Croatian Serb leadership also took a positive view of the outcome.
20 Can't you have positive views ?
21 Society must develop a positive view of older adults & their potential within society.
22 Some visitors to Guantánamo have expressed more positive views on the camp.
23 Maintain positive view of the people.
24 He has expressed his positive views of logging on the Greenspirit website.
25 However, not all critics share the positive view towards "Juno".
26 I'm aware that positive views of autism are not seen as constructive.
27 The positive views of the Reformer are not stated, or distorted.
28 The Koran generally presents a positive view towards the Law and the gospel.
29 I personally have never had a hugely negative or positive view of Bb.
30 Implicit within this strategy is the promotion of a positive view of health.
31 Not all of the potential recruits had a positive view of the evangelicals.
32 Securely attached people tend to have positive views of themselves and their partners.
33 A small number of scholars continue to hold positive views about the Cultural Revolution.
34 The British and German publics also took a positive view of Lody.
35 A few Orthodox rabbis today, notably Irving Greenberg, also hold positive views .
36 A man of strong character and positive views , he commands both respect and liking.