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1 Can taking vitamins prevent daily drinking damage?
2 This prevents additional rendering behind opaque layers.
3 The small leaflet size prevents too much moisture loss during photosynthesis.
4 These dynamic sitting features actively prevent health problems.
5 Physical activity directly helps prevent heart problems.
6 Can drinking red wine help prevent cancer?
7 In many places bomb craters prevented continuous operations.
8 A tubing anchor prevents tubing movement while pumping.
9 Regular cleaning helps prevent uneven flow distribution.
10 Implementing energy efficient technologies help prevent utility generated pollution.
11 This test helps prevent automated spam submissions.
12 A long sea wall helps prevent flooding.
13 A matte screen surface prevents annoying reflections.
14 To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy 12 .
15 Do payday loans help prevent extreme measures ?
16 The cartilage prevents friction during joint movements.
17 The lockout process helps prevent duplicate reminder messages.
18 In older individuals moderate drinking may help prevent against heart disease.
19 The extensive root system prevents soil erosion.
20 Individual spring mounting pins prevent frame wear.
21 This lengthy article lists seven steps towards preventing workplace violence.
22 This prevents "divide and rule" policy.
23 This helps prevent accidental destruction of files.
24 Nothing was done to prevent spread through large building.
25 Patient education to prevent further episodes is very important.
26 There are several ways to prevent migraine attacks.
27 Lack of money prevented alterations being made.
28 White blood cells fight and prevent infection.
29 This helps prevent noisy and intermittent volume control operation.
30 A healthy immune system can usually prevent active disease.
31 This prevents automated programs from posting comments.
32 This will help prevent withdrawal side effects.
33 The system includes strengthening efforts to prevent homelessness.
34 All tape does is prevent windows from shattering.
35 You should cancel previous ones to prevent disputes.
36 A further aid to preventing software piracy.
37 The form is designed to prevent spam.
38 Here are three combined operations to prevent fermentation.
39 The stitch lines are offset to prevent cold spots occurring.
40 Low doses are ineffective at preventing disease.