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1 There has been very little previous research on autobiographical memory.
2 The present study extended previous research in four ways.
3 The findings echo those from previous research .
4 Previous research has already documented the important functions of touch.
5 Previous research has found that humans map concepts in space.
6 Previous research has found similar disparities for other substance abuse.
7 It just seemed obvious from the previous research .
8 In this previous research , the negotiations occurred via emails.
9 However, no previous research has specifically considered this illusion.
10 According to previous research done by Moody "et al.
11 Is there support or contradiction from previous research ?
12 Previous research on the topic has been limited to industrialized nations .
13 Previous research has also shown kidney donation to be overwhelmingly safe .
14 In previous research , alcoholism has been associated with white matter pathology.
15 If so, what did the previous research indicate?
16 We will now review previous research on affect perception in schizophrenia.
17 Previous research concentrated on finding oil-rich algae .
18 Previous research has also examined differences in consumer behaviour by product categories.
19 Previous research has linked psoriasis with diabetes, heart disease and depression.
20 Previous research looked at the relationship between childbirth and postpartum psychosis.
21 Wilcox explained that previous research on the subject has identified three factors.
22 Her previous research focused on Native American tribal health care management systems.
23 Previous research has shown that chimpanzees can add single-digit numbers.
24 But it is more than just a listing of previous research .
25 But the finding is not all that surprising from previous research .
26 Previous research also suggests that barriers to entry persist in law firms.
27 The experiment replicated the self-reference effect, consistent with previous research .
28 That was a different result from previous research , Garratt said.
29 Previous research has suggested that sonar can be harmful to marine mammals.