primary research

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1 Its primary research interest is unmanned aircraft systems.
2 The primary research results are as follows.
3 Two methods were used to locate primary research data.
4 Her primary research interest is the construction of self through language.
5 She is engaged in two primary research projects .
6 Telephone surveys are the practitioners' " primary research method".
7 The primary research aim is to examine processes involved in peer tutoring.
8 His primary research interests include sponsorship, image match and destination marketing.
9 The Ichthyology program is currently conducting two primary research projects.
10 Primary research can be time consuming and possibly expensive.
11 Meteorology and geology were the primary research subjects.
12 Elaine's primary research interests are auditing, governance and internal controls.
13 His primary research area is query optimization and query processing in database systems.
14 Bok's primary research interest was the structure of our galaxy.
15 Ms. Riplinger has provided a fine example of her primary research .
16 Background My primary research has been several months of personal Twitter use.
17 Primary research is conducted from scratch.
18 My primary research interests are directed toward understanding when and how galaxies formed.
19 Capsular contracture is currently Dr. Adams' primary research focus.
20 My primary research area is model theory, a subfield of mathematical logic.
21 His primary research areas are computational biology, bioinformatics, and machine learning.
22 This would be the primary research until Baker's retirement in 1951.
23 Primary Research We Know Who to Talk to.
24 His primary research interest is studying radial velocity and transit techniques in extrasolar planets.
25 Primary research comprises the bulk of the overall research methodology for this report.
26 The review focused on primary research but did not put limits on study design.
27 The second primary research thrust is designing and developing usable mechanisms to manage user trust.
28 This new department would become the world's primary research center for computer graphics.
29 Overall 64 % of surveyed market research teams' budgets were allocated to primary research .
30 Primary research included interviews with Head-Up Display manufacturers & component suppliers and channel partners .
31 Destiny is the primary research facility for United States payloads aboard the ISS.
32 The purpose of primary research is developing questions that help establish a rapport with prospects.
33 Her primary research and teaching interests are in criminal law and procedure and juvenile justice.
34 The firm conducts primary research and consulting using its comprehensive proprietary benchmarking tools and analysis.
35 Primary research is often expensive to prepare, collect and interpret from data to information.
36 Her primary research focus is evolving new materials for energy, electronics and the environment.
37 Often this includes primary research , and usually it includes writing a substantial research paper.
38 The primary research in metamaterials investigates materials that are able to reverse the refractive index.
39 Some pharmaceutical companies identify key opinion leaders through direct inquiry of physicians ( primary research ).
40 Her primary research and publications focus on biosocial interactions that cause or contribute to disease.