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1 The peaceful demonstration has become a rallying point for pro-democracy activists .
2 She preferred discussions with pro-democracy dissidents inside the governing party.
3 Kathmandu gradually resumes normality after weeks of pro-democracy protests.
4 Thousands of pro-democracy protesters have been arrested".
5 Other pro-democracy activists were also rounded up during the following months.
6 April 17: " Pro-democracy " demonstrations begin in Beijing.
7 A pro-democracy demonstration in Prague is attacked by the police.
8 Pro-democracy activists burned and looted shops, offices, and government buildings.
9 After the Royal takeover, police suppressed pro-democracy protests using disproportionate force.
10 The pro-democracy movement was overwhelmingly peaceful until the armed forces fired on crowds .
11 No politicians from the pro-democracy camp were selected as torchbearers.
12 The pro-democracy dialogue means they want to work with various groups.
13 Widespread student pro-democracy protests are broken up in Burma.
14 Aboul-Ghar 's reputation in pro-democracy politics is well earned.
15 Bush lauded the pro-democracy struggles in Georgia and Ukraine.
16 Remember those massive youth-dominated pro-democracy demonstrations in April 2006?
17 This dizzying turnaround is unprecedented in the history of popular pro-democracy movements .
18 There are a number of pro-democracy movements in the Middle East.
19 However, the pro-democracy protests of 1989 were crushed by the military.
20 With them they assassinated persons who were pro-democracy and confiscated their property.
21 The rally is a milestone in Hong Kong's fledgling pro-democracy movement.
22 Two men involved in the 1989 pro-democracy movement were released on Nov. 29.
23 He broke ranks with the pro-democracy camp to stand in the by-election.
24 He wondered how the so-called pro-democracy people can support the military govt.
25 Pro-Democracy March and Rally in Atlanta on August 6, 2005.
26 Peking was upset by Hong Kong's support for the pro-democracy movement.
27 Some Soros-backed pro-democracy initiatives have been banned in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
28 We may get to see real soon how genuine their pro-democracy goals are.
29 The civil movement in 2003 also broadened the spectrum of the pro-democracy camp.
30 Only China maintained close links with Burma while India supported the pro-democracy movement.
31 Powerful Islamist brigades are competing with pro-democracy civilians to shape Syria 's future.
32 It also served as the think tank for Kenya's pro-democracy movement.
33 Their design recalled the pro-democracy Wild Lily student movement () of 1990.
34 The march has sent a strong message to hesitant pro-democracy legislators to follow public opinion.
35 The NCPO summoned leading pro-democracy scholars.
36 The event had been organized by pro-democracy ("dangwai" 黨外 ) activists.
37 This number, however, is widely seen as too small to influence pro-democracy lawmakers.
38 He put a big question mark on the silence of pro-democracy people and country.
39 See The Pro-Democracy Protests in China , edited by Jonathan Unger.
40 The Civil Human Rights Front was formed by grassroots civil organisations and pro-democracy politicians.