45.31 hits per million
1 This condition may proceed toward younger leaves.
2 A clarifying note is warranted before proceeding further.
3 Many countries are already proceeding towards democracy.
4 Nevertheless things are proceeding along those lines.
5 The ship proceeds eastward and another grapple is made.
6 Stamp proceeding variables for each input copied.
7 The proceeds benefit their elk feeding program.
8 The entire learning process proceeds along the priority criteria.
9 The explanation proceeds through normative theses of three kinds.
10 The analysis proceeds in three discrete steps.
11 Another developing country suggested including contributions from seed sale proceeds .
12 All proceeds benefit families affected by medical illness.
13 The growth accounting procedure proceeds as follows.
14 The launch proceeded in relatively clear weather conditions.
15 The strike and protests proceeded without violent incident.
16 The negotiations proceeded slowly and ultimately stalled.
17 All donation proceeds are published to ensure complete transparency.
18 The proceeds were distributed amongst all plaintiffs.
19 The proof now proceeds using spectral decomposition.
20 It proceeded to weaken below gale strength.
21 The reduction proceeds via a radical pathway.
22 All proceeds from sales support conservation education.
23 Those left behind proceeded with needed building projects.
24 All proceeds were donated to help cure cancer.
25 Nor did the campaign ashore proceed smoothly.
26 Play often proceeds for minutes without interruption.
27 The project never proceeded past a treatment.
28 The practice throw earlier the same morning had proceeded without incident .
29 Author spends the proceeds without delivering anything .
30 Sony received net cash proceeds today of 110 billion yen .
31 So things are proceeding in right direction .
32 The comparative institutional analysis outlined above proceeds as follows.
33 Judicial opinions proceed through several stages before assuming a final form.
34 This is due to risk management proceeded .
35 The buildup of wastes is proceeding exponentially.
36 The depletion of resources is proceeding exponentially.
37 RE 9 proceeds northwest, passing through rural areas.
38 Sometimes though, advances may proceed along different paths.
39 Some assets are exempted, including life insurance proceeds .
40 The important ones are here, proceed please.