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1 This process is nowhere near finished yet.
2 This process was neither inevitable nor easy.
3 The return has been processed very efficiently.
4 The process has too many files open.
5 The overall development process went very smoothly.
6 This evolutionary process was completed around six thousand years ago.
7 This process is commonly called "tracking".
8 The application process guides candidates through several critical business issues.
9 The offline vs online process is actually quite different.
10 The writing process steps are named under each bird photo.
11 The whole budget process has run late.
12 The designs are many times printed through photo process .
13 The current federal budget process is extremely complex.
14 Many cognitive processes are carried through without conscious awareness.
15 The entire process is actually four steps long.
16 The second panel examined transfer processes within empires.
17 All ordinary chemical processes are carbon neutral.
18 Our staff personally process each feedback card.
19 This process is often simply called plating.
20 This month 15 candidates are being processed .
21 More instead process countries were medically undertaken.
22 This process supposedly took several billion years.
23 The entire process takes around five hours.
24 The turkeys are incredibly tranquil while being processed .
25 The whole process required constant skilled attention.
26 We explore critical social issues through creative processes .
27 This preliminary process has four necessary steps.
28 A functional political process must punish poor governance.
29 This process is sometimes called "random genetic drift".
30 The product request has been processed successfully.
31 The process model operation has been processed successfully.
32 The process model operation has been processed successfully.
33 The offline request has been processed successfully.
34 The module details request has been processed successfully.
35 The licensing process is currently under review.
36 This process is commonly called positive reinforcement.
37 These are normally approved through appropriate processes .
38 The process has been used successfully ever since.
39 Most orders process within 1 business days.
40 The water cycle ties together life processes .