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1 It has since spawned many international productions .
2 The village main resources are agriculture productions .
3 Medieval theatre productions are still performed today.
4 Its success has spawned many successful productions worldwide.
5 The earliest sound effects were strictly studio productions .
6 Student productions offer invaluable training for professional careers.
7 My videos are not glossy professional eye candy productions .
8 Productions were largely restricted to amateur performances.
9 These productions usually garner the highest ratings.
10 Over 300 performances were given of 33 different opera productions .
11 Later productions were not much more successful.
12 The town has two summer theatre productions .
13 Other specialised productions include documentaries and television films.
14 The productions attract participants from neighboring schools.
15 The content is prepared to suit modern productions .
16 It has since received tours and international productions .
17 Two landmark productions greatly enhanced its reputation.
18 These productions alternate between musicals and plays.
19 Animal productions are integrated with crop productions.
20 Animal productions are integrated with crop productions .
21 No version has become predominant in recent productions .
22 Mass media productions often perpetuate discrimination based on skin color.
23 The main export of poorer countries is usually agricultural productions .
24 Other major agricultural productions included rice and coconut.
25 This position exists generally on larger budget productions .
26 I n large-scale productions everyone is typically working under pressure.
27 In touring productions , local celebrities are sometimes selected.
28 Its previous acclaimed productions include "Oklahoma!
29 It has been active since 2005, performing yearly productions .
30 It was used for massive concerts and theatrical productions .
31 Learn to modify altitude productions and create single building generators.
32 She also performs in local theater productions .
33 This is an example of pull productions .
34 All children participate regularly in school productions and concerts.
35 His productions are remarkable for brilliant artistry and contemporary relevance.
36 Knowledge of cultural productions is important for understanding gender construction.
37 All productions featured original songs composed and performed by women musicians.
38 Its old streets are the perfect setting for historic productions .
39 Between 1926 and 1933 numerous other local productions were released.
40 Similar techniques have been used in more modern productions .