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1 Different ethnic groups had different attitudes toward prostitution .
2 That is simply another form of prostitution .
3 But prostitution itself was and remains legal.
4 The children sold into prostitution are parents lost.
5 Child prostitution is a constant threat around international sporting events.
6 Sung was criticized for supporting voluntary prostitution too.
7 Indoor prostitution is quite different from street prostitution.
8 Indoor prostitution is quite different from street prostitution .
9 There are various third party offences relating to prostitution .
10 A distinction was made between voluntary and involuntary prostitution .
11 Germany also has very liberal prostitution laws.
12 Red is still commonly associated with prostitution .
13 Strong is under trial for promoting prostitution .
14 This community is historically associated with prostitution .
15 The law does not specifically address child prostitution .
16 Smaller numbers are subjected to forced prostitution .
17 Some children in prostitution are likely exploited through third party involvement.
18 The second group wanted to abolish prostitution altogether.
19 The act of prostitution itself has never been illegal.
20 However, female escort prostitution is widespread.
21 Child labor occurs, including child prostitution .
22 Vancouver's milder climate may favour street prostitution .
23 Male prostitution has been legal since May 2006.
24 The Mongolian government has implemented laws regarding child prostitution .
25 What model of work is unlike prostitution ?
26 Sex traffickers trafficked secondary school students for prostitution into neighboring countries.
27 Some children engaged in prostitution for survival without third party involvement.
28 Both gambling and prostitution are legal there.
29 Women are escaping situations of domestic abuse and forced prostitution .
30 My ex is addicted to porn and prostitution .
31 Sexual dominance over men for material gain is prostitution .
32 The principle extends far beyond funds generated by prostitution and homosexuality.
33 Some women were forced into prostitution with brutal violence.
34 State authorities have typically confused sex trafficking with prostitution .
35 In other jurisdictions prostitution is legal and regulated.
36 This is an example of regulated prostitution .
37 As such prostitution formed an important source of hard currency.
38 However there was little attempt to suppress prostitution itself.
39 She had laws passed that prohibited forced prostitution and closed brothels.
40 Some attempt was made to distinguish between voluntary and involuntary prostitution .