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1 All data collected is protected against unauthorized access.
2 Good indoor air quality protects student health.
3 This facilitates higher travel speeds while protecting against atmospheric contamination.
4 Most importantly is ensuring government information is protected .
5 Does red wine protect against heart disease?
6 Are staff adequately protected against possible attack?
7 Its caves are therefore protected during critical months.
8 Their rights were being protected through unions.
9 Consumer bank accounts are protected under federal law.
10 Two armored decks protected against plunging fire.
11 Such information is protected under trade secret laws.
12 Less sensitive information is " protected ".
13 Its environment is officially protected since 2007.
14 A unique ceramic material protects against ballistic penetration.
15 Wire payment applications are typically highly protected .
16 Your immune system protects against many infectious agents .
17 But social media platforms must protect individual rights .
18 Over 200 buildings are listed as protected .
19 Some 1100 km of coast is protected .
20 It urged far greater efforts to protect such huge stores.
21 What precautions are being taken to protect personal information?
22 Underwater life is equally protected and tranquil.
23 The sanctuaries also protect special historic places.
24 All personal information is secure and protected .
25 Below are ways to help protect yourself.
26 Protecting biodiversity is vital for water management.
27 A thicker shell presumably protects the snail better.
28 These efforts to protect children must continue.
29 Having secrets means having to protect those secrets.
30 Having prior hormone exposure protects a little bit.
31 And four – protecting the retail public.
32 It may also protect against inflammatory conditions.
33 Several laws help protect consumers from fraudulent acts.
34 These vegetables contain substances that may protect against cancer.
35 The nets were required to protect adjacent residential properties.
36 The right insurance protects you against misfortune.
37 You protect your home contents against damages.
38 Most drug patents are protected for 20 years.
39 How should securities account information be protected ?
40 Which financial banking information should be protected ?