public space

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1 The expansion of orchestral concerts necessitated large public spaces .
2 The aim was to prevent sexual violence in public spaces .
3 A business is not a public space .
4 Many are placed internationally in the public space .
5 They were collected and often displayed in public spaces .
6 Green theory does not always distinguish public space from private space.
7 It is not observed more generally in unfamiliar public spaces .
8 A rest stop or truck stop is a public space .
9 The revolution initially promised to reopen public space to women .
10 He introduced ceramics into public spaces and architectural environments.
11 The urban feel is enhanced by public space on street level.
12 Others praised the complex's internal public spaces .
13 Art was also on view in public spaces .
14 Slow your Motion is played in public space .
15 The rights you cite are applicable only to public spaces .
16 It is the principal historic public space of the city.
17 How friendly will these three public spaces be?
18 Language learning can take place in public spaces within virtual worlds.
19 All but 4 acre of land were resumed as public space .
20 The Plaza was converted into public space with 64 lamps.
21 Create new public spaces for political interaction and deliberation.
22 Development of office buildings and public spaces along the avenue continues.
23 In 1993 the park was turned into a public space again.
24 Such violence continues to keep women from walking in public spaces .
25 Now they should ban smoking in every other public space .
26 We like innovative use of public space .
27 Smoking was banned in all enclosed public spaces in 2007.
28 It entailed the creation of open and impersonal public spaces .
29 One of the earliest examples of public spaces are commons.
30 Advertising is prominent in Home's public spaces .
31 Is private property useable without some public spaces ?
32 Communicative media interventions can transform public spaces .
33 Temporal art in public spaces has been a long established practice.
34 There are too many neglected public spaces and landmarks to list here .
35 As public spaces , roads are prime candidates for green infrastructure improvements.
36 This freewheeling appraisal of public space runs rain or shine.
37 Through it, students practice creating and entering into public space .
38 Public spaces provide the least security and can have lasting impressions.
39 Always keep your dog on a short leash in public spaces .
40 Never mind where so long as it is a public space .