public attitudes

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1 Four years later public attitudes had changed little.
2 Public attitudes towards subsidies are highly variable.
3 And, these public attitudes matter a great deal.
4 Many organizations have surveyed public attitudes on the teaching of origins.
5 Public attitudes to different industries are multi-facetted.
6 Trans-Atlantic differences in public attitudes are also both persistent and substantial.
7 Public attitudes and sexism generally prevented women from participating in organised football.
8 Army civilian aides advise military leaders on public attitudes toward the Army.
9 Communicators and marketers aim to change public attitudes every day.
10 But then a truly epoch-making change in public attitudes took place.
11 In such research, exact statistics of public attitudes are of small importance.
12 But given the trends in public attitudes , it may be inevitable.
13 Turkish public attitudes toward the West, in turn, have cooled.
14 Have you noticed a significant change in public attitudes toward death in recent years?
15 Times have changed, as have circuses and public attitudes towards them.
16 As the trial progressed, public attitudes about Hastings also began to shift.
17 Secondly, their response to domestic violence directly influences public attitudes on this issue.
18 The fascist connections were explicitly contradicted by the public attitudes of some PP leaders.
19 Pew Research Center has released a study on public attitudes on evolution versus creationism.
20 Public attitudes have always changed and always been steered in one direction or another.
21 So there is a disconnect here between public attitudes and foreign policy on this issue.
22 It's all part of her campaign to change public attitudes to the illness.
23 Since then, public attitudes have varied greatly from complete intolerance to ideas of legalization.
24 The literature of the time provides ample evidence of a dramatic shift in public attitudes .
25 Public Attitudes toward Felon Disenfranchisement in the United States.
26 On same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana, public attitudes have, in fact, changed.
27 The last ten years have seen a phenomenal transformation in public attitudes to the armed forces.
28 There's a pressure to change public attitudes towards health and the care of the sick.
29 Also , 50 to 60 years ago, public attitudes were different regarding this sort of thing.
30 The findings from this years survey show a dramatic change in public attitudes towards ethics in business.
31 Chemical companies have changed dramatically over the past 100 years as have public attitudes towards chemical issues.
32 Adoption has decreased dramatically during 20 years as a reflection of changes in legislation and public attitudes .
33 The HFEA ran a series of consultations and focus groups to gauge public attitudes towards mitochondrial replacement .
34 It is reasonable to expect that public attitudes and beliefs about attempted suicide will affect its incidence.
35 The well-being of migrant workers in South-East Asia is highly influenced by public attitudes in destination countries.
36 It looks at public attitudes to avoidance, concepts of fairness and tax as a social responsibility.
37 Brendan also attacked false piety behind public attitudes toward such matters as sex, politics, and religion.
38 American Army attitudes, as contrasted with French public attitudes , were blamed for developing racial frictions.
39 Increasing traffic densities and changing public attitudes led to complaints about aircraft noise and moves to introduce restrictions.
40 Public attitudes towards the acceptability and effectiveness of spanking vary a great deal by nation and region.