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1 Other antibiotics described in published research papers were considered.
2 How the published research applies to red wine consumption is uncertain.
3 Universities require their professors to publish research papers.
4 The gold standard of science is peer reviewed, published research .
5 The plethora of published research is testimony to this.
6 This has been refuted by a large number of published research .
7 Oftentimes spelling has been inconsistent within the body of published research .
8 The amount of published research on this topic is not extensive.
9 We have published research in virtually all the top economics journals.
10 It publishes research articles in English and Italian.
11 Cinema historians give him little consideration in their published research .
12 American Cyanamid published research establishing the practice.
13 ACS publishes research and educational materials and issues Farmer Cooperatives magazine.
14 They are required to review, analyze, conduct and publish research .
15 Newly published research suggests their presence also has another, distinctly positive effect.
16 Most published research focuses on U.S. nonprofit organizations and are single case studies.
17 Mendeley supports this by crowdsourcing opinions on published research .
18 Publishes research reports addressing family well-being across the life-span.
19 Based on published research by Eva Hnizdo et Al.
20 The majority of the published research in berth scheduling considers the latter case.
21 She has published research on androgyny in the SEPA journal.
22 RAND Corporation , a think tank, publishes research on issues.
23 Instead, it simply issues assessments based upon supposedly independent surveys of published research .
24 Note also studies that suggest that most published research results may be wrong.
25 WILMOTT magazine publishes research articles for and by the international quantitative finance community.
26 Published research unanimously pointed out that a collision warning system could effectively reduce accidents.
27 Most published research historically has focused on the convergence of the power tower function.