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1 A quadrilateral mesh generator based on paving.
2 Simple quadrilaterals are either convex or concave.
3 A taxonomy of quadrilaterals is illustrated by the following graph.
4 A quadrilateral hinged frame that reduces in size when collapsed.
5 Specifically, we are learning about quadrilaterals .
6 As fundamental domain we have the quadrilateral .
7 Another remarkable line in a convex quadrilateral is the Newton line.
8 This is called the "isoperimetric theorem for quadrilaterals ".
9 Napoleon III finished the wing, thus closing the great quadrilateral .
10 The irregular quadrilateral within this boundary includes six large blocks covering 34 acre.
11 There exists a quadrilateral in which all angles are right angles.
12 In Euclidean geometry, the six quadrilaterals above are all different.
13 In 1874, he edited its journal " Quadrilateral ".
14 They can be freely moved to generate an arbitrary quadrilateral .
15 This expressway is part of the Golden Quadrilateral project.
16 A Lambert quadrilateral is a quadrilateral which has three right angles.
17 A Lambert quadrilateral is a quadrilateral which has three right angles.
18 Implement the paving algorithm for quadrilateral mesh generation.
19 Its shape is a squat quadrilateral , with slight crenellations.
20 The summit angles of the Saccheri quadrilateral are 90°.
21 So, tradition was considered the second aspect of the Quadrilateral .
22 This pact would be ratified by the quadrilateral treaty of 1822.
23 A field is in the shape of a quadrilateral , .
24 I love the Wesleyan Quadrilateral because it is honest.
25 A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides.
26 These quadrilateral guide units change their geometry at acceleration and deceleration points.
27 For an asymmetric quadrilateral this tiling belongs to wallpaper group p2.
28 This smaller pattern had the internal squares inclined to form non-orthogonal quadrilaterals .
29 The state is also a terminus for the Golden Quadrilateral project.
30 The Golden Quadrilateral highway system passes through Surat.
31 Golden Quadrilateral starts from Kolkata and ends at Delhi.
32 The centre of a quadrilateral can be defined in several different ways.
33 For improved version, see Quadrilateral (#87-A).
34 Hence that point is the Fermat point of a convex quadrilateral .
35 The doubled fundamental domain changes from a tetrahedron into a quadrilateral pyramid.
36 If we distinguish folding quadrilateral linkage, then there are 27 different cases.
37 The figure shows examples of the various cases for a planar quadrilateral linkage.
38 And that's your quadrilaterals except for this one of course.
39 The triangle, quadrilateral or quadrangle, and nonagon are exceptions.
40 It is alongside NH 5 which forms part of the Golden Quadrilateral .