quantitative research

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1 Study is based on quantitative research method.
2 It is both qualitative and quantitative research .
3 Data mining is commonly used in both qualitative and quantitative research .
4 A large body of quantitative research reinforces these more qualitative analyses.
5 Historically, organizational communication was driven primarily by quantitative research methodologies.
6 Quantitative research on the impact of professional development remains comparatively thin.
7 Quantitative geography – Quantitative research tools and methods applied to geography.
8 Quantitative research is the backing to most observable phenomenon in psychology.
9 This means that brand owners can cross compare qualitative and quantitative research .
10 Posters are particularly useful as a way to present quantitative research .
11 You need qualitative and quantitative research .
12 Quantitative research deals with numerical data.
13 You are also given a solid grounding in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.
14 Quantitative research is directed at identifying population characteristics, patterns, and associations.
15 Quantitative Research Methods A. Nonexperimental Methods 1.
16 Quantitative research associate Justine Calcagno crunched the numbers and joins Brian .
17 Cause-effect relationships are a chief cause of failures in qualitative and quantitative research .
18 There are two major types of research design: qualitative research and quantitative research .
19 Any quantitative research findings or anecdotes garnered from research can be very useful here.
20 Maybe, some experimental quantitative research designs would be suitable for this purpose.
21 Rosen joined MDRC in 2014 as a research associate specializing in quantitative research .
22 Must have the ability to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research studies and evaluation.
23 Sacramental records may be used for statistical, quantitative research for certain scholarly projects.
24 Typically, in quantitative research a fixed sample size is set prior to data collection.
25 EBM produces quantitative research , especially from randomized controlled trials (RCTs).
26 Quantitative research methods can be divided into two major categories: nonexperimental and experimental.
27 Demonstrable experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods including experience of developing human rights-based indicators.
28 Sampling choices for qualitative research tend to be different from sampling choices for quantitative research .
29 This study employed a quantitative research design, using digitally manipulated photographs to elicit participantś responses.
30 Act as a link that can connect a local oral history project with quantitative research projects.
31 The quantitative research instruments confirmed reports from study participants, images from videos and our own observations.
32 This study marks the first documented use of quantitative research methods in the field of criminology.
33 This was confirmed by a quantitative research study I did in 2006 which surveyed several hundred disciple-makers.
34 Then quantitative research , testing those themes, reactions and conclusions on a larger sample of people.
35 In either qualitative or quantitative research , the researcher(s) may collect primary or secondary data.
36 Much of the literature on mixed-methods designs focus on the mixing of qualitative and quantitative research designs.
37 The lab is also a facility where students can develop their use of qualitative and quantitative research methods.
38 Both probability sampling and nonprobability sampling are utilized throughout quantitative research , whereas qualitative research primarily employs nonprobability sampling.
39 The not differentiating the quantitative research into sexes, when dealing with disability, is a habitual practice.
40 This positivism is generally equated with " quantitative research " and thus carries no explicit theoretical or philosophical commitments.