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1 What is raised locally is spent locally.
2 But emigration raised much more elementary material difficulties.
3 No measure had raised such general indignation.
4 The upcoming review has raised local concerns.
5 The last column is 2 raised circles.
6 The offering raised almost $30 million.
7 The questions being raised are valid ones.
8 The raised floor boards are being repaired.
9 A $25 meat tray raised $210.
10 The timing itself has obviously raised questions among many historians.
11 A poorly preserved small raised platform was found here.
12 The debt ceiling has been raised 68 times since 1960.
13 The money was raised through private donations.
14 Ashcroft was raised under extremely poor circumstances.
15 The credit crisis has raised several public sector accounting issues.
16 Often such taxes raise complex administrative problems while generating little revenue.
17 Levin has opposed raising mandatory automobile fuel efficiency standards.
18 The incident has raised concerns regarding industrial safety regulations.
19 Australia regularly raises world champion field hockey teams.
20 By 1923 enough money had been raised .
21 The show reportedly raised $23 million.
22 In such places raised walkway are often built.
23 Will greater professional awareness raise public consciousness?
24 The money was raised within 24 hours .
25 The debt ceiling has been raised 100 times before .
26 But capturing payload data raises numerous privacy questions .
27 The foundation has raised $ 4 million since 1996.
28 Can infused hydrogen peroxide raise blood oxygen levels?
29 The federal government is considering raising taxes.
30 Small raised garden beds are very popular.
31 They raise similar issues and many more.
32 A few brave voices were raised in dissent.
33 Single black mother raising a black daughter.
34 And any fuzzy law raises litigation costs.
35 The attendant is raising the red velvet curtain.
36 Small businesses and startup entrepreneurs raise money through personal connections online.
37 In 1883 the event raised £110.
38 Many factors are raising productivity in poor countries.
39 The company raised cash by going public.
40 Raising wages reduces costly employee turnover and increases productivity.