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1 Recent researches have proven many genetically linked diseases.
2 Other recent research is consistent with ours.
3 Recent research has linked induced voltages with lateral line disease.
4 More recent research has substantiated this finding .
5 Recent research has shown that barefoot walking is healthy.
6 Recent research has shed light on this disease.
7 Recent research has smashed the stereotypes of aging.
8 Recent research has demonstrated that those concerns are well grounded.
9 Recent research has linked the school environment to school violence.
10 Recent research challenged the need for 6 virtues.
11 Recent research ventures embarked on links between entrepreneurship and piracy.
12 Recent research suggests that this is untrue.
13 Recent research has found that rejection is experienced as physical pain.
14 His recent research has focused more on Buddhist origins.
15 That shortcoming is being addressed in very recent research .
16 Recent research suggests that Humboldt squid are only aggressive while feeding.
17 Recent research in tumour promotion backs up this objection.
18 Not very well, according to recent research .
19 Here are some conclusions from recent research in cellular biochemistry.
20 More recent research studies have continued to support these findings.
21 Recent research suggests that this process is not currently underway.
22 Recent research by Russian scholars disputes this interpretation.
23 It is an area of much recent research and interest.
24 Secondly, more recent research has failed to support this hypothesis.
25 Recent research strongly suggests he was a victim of friendly fire.
26 He frequently included his own recent research in his lectures.
27 More recent research has shown the situation to be more complex.
28 Another example is from the recent research on medical marijuana users.
29 Much recent research has centred on these broader aspects of war.
30 Recent research , however, sees this differentiated.
31 Recent research by J.D. Simon "et al.
32 His recent research has focused on cancer immunology.
33 Recent research , however, (cf.
34 Through recent research the underlying causes of endometriosis are becoming clearer.
35 Recent research has shown a correlation between soda consumption and heart disease.
36 Recent research shows significant intrafirm variability in stakeholder management across time.
37 More recent research has replicated this finding using contemporary measures of openness.
38 Recent research does indeed show that olive oil is a medicinal powerhouse.
39 More recent research has illuminated genetic factors underlying IQ stability and change.
40 Recent research has produced results on subdivision in arbitrary manifolds.