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1 The subject has received much stress recently .
2 A second survey round has recently been completed.
3 The latter has been assumed until recently .
4 A firm recently had multiple media fill failures.
5 Their image has been severely damaged recently .
6 New units had recently joined each side.
7 The second major incident happened fairly recently .
8 The small village church has been recently renovated.
9 The push toward mandatory policies gathered momentum more recently .
10 It has recently been made municipal property.
11 The fighting here has become more frequent recently .
12 Its flint base has recently been revealed during clearing operations.
13 Singapore taxis had used various models recently .
14 The wrestling team has enjoyed much success recently .
15 British medical training has been reorganized recently .
16 A similar device recently became commercially available.
17 The latter was recently rediscovered under water.
18 The diagnosis has become more frequent recently .
19 Cisco shares were recently down around 4%.
20 One young girl was knocked down recently .
21 One big space rock got upgraded recently .
22 Mobile user experience was really limited until recently .
23 His recruiting classes had been outstanding recently .
24 He recently replaced 100 hospital chief executives .
25 Their native app has recently released during .
26 Physics education has recently undergone major changes.
27 The expanded scope audit has been recognized relatively recently .
28 The recently released 2009 data is similar.
29 No very marked change in status has been noted recently .
30 A marked increase in numbers has occurred recently .
31 One item that has become much more expensive recently is education.
32 A recently refurbished estate lake and associated features.
33 Penguin recently ended ebook lending to public libraries.
34 We recently had our gas cut off.
35 Helena herself slipped into obscurity until very recently .
36 The raw converter has been updated to include recently released cameras.
37 Australia has been his main concern recently .
38 Wheat has recently been linked to attention deficit disorder.
39 That has only re recently closed down.
40 The cottage is very comfortable and has recently been renovated.