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1 The hot sun made the cold water refreshing .
2 There is always a refreshing sea breeze.
3 Her passion and honesty was raw yet refreshing .
4 Our well stocked bar provides many refreshing drinks.
5 The end result tastes very interesting – and refreshing .
6 This sympathetic focus on women is very refreshing .
7 The overall combination is very refreshing and very delicious.
8 The lead character is colorful and refreshing .
9 Consider " push" models for refreshing user passwords .
10 The overall message was very positive and refreshing .
11 These last 24 hours has been quite refreshing without the internet.
12 It is very refreshing during the summer months.
13 Top comments RTS without units sounds refreshing .
14 A very pleasant, refreshing green tea.
15 Good news is refreshing to the spirit.
16 Do you ever need rest or refreshing ?
17 I find it really yummy and refreshing .
18 The flavor is refreshing and not overwhelming.
19 It is an acquired taste but very refreshing .
20 The honesty and lack of ego is refreshing .
21 This is a pleasant and refreshing story.
22 This wine has a youthful colour and refreshing style.
23 This article was refreshing for my soul.
24 This sounds so very refreshing and delicious.
25 Coconut water is a highly nutritious and refreshing juice.
26 It is a calming and refreshing color.
27 The young love story was seen as refreshing by many fans.
28 The acidity keeps the wines light and refreshing .
29 Liam stated it was a " refreshing " change.
30 It is refreshing but a little tart.
31 This is honest and refreshing and real .
32 Your sleep is light and not refreshing .
33 It has a distinct clean and refreshing taste .
34 Just take much more refreshing greens and sour herbs .
35 This refreshing opening drifts to the waiting middle.
36 Replacement slices of refreshing raw greens for potato french fries.
37 Surprise pumps you with refreshing mental vigor.
38 There were no more relaxed, refreshing weekends.
39 These were surprisingly tasty, light and refreshing .
40 It is a calming, refreshing color.