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1 Previous efforts to resuscitate the village had failed.
2 She had been resuscitated and her condition improved.
3 She immediately starts trying to resuscitate her.
4 Further attempts to resuscitate Phoenix were unsuccessful.
5 Mick's room door was forced open and he was resuscitated .
6 The writers resuscitated one deceased character , but left others incapacitated.
7 My effort to resuscitate the spark resulted in total darkness.
8 That evening, he experienced cardiac arrest but was resuscitated .
9 All 10 patients were resuscitated and admitted to the hospital.
10 They tried resuscitating him for 26 minutes but nothing happened.
11 Although she was eventually resuscitated , her prognosis was poor.
12 We are also looking forward to the rails being resuscitated .
13 Resuscitate the nation's efforts to prevent impaired driving.
14 We got to work resuscitating our dormant audience.
15 They resuscitated him pouring water on him.
16 Martha collapses and has to be resuscitated .
17 Despite attempts to resuscitate Jade , she was later pronounced dead.
18 The police officers attempted to resuscitate him, but failed.
19 A Do Not Resuscitate order is another kind of advance directive.
20 Rush hoped to ' resuscitate an interest in rowing.
21 Zach discovers Kendall's lifeless body and resuscitates her.
22 Attempts to resuscitate the railroad, however, continued.
23 Alicia is rushed to hospital where she is treated and later resuscitated .
24 I remember them all trying to resuscitate me.
25 Its introduction in 1988 successfully resuscitated MACI's failing financial capability.
26 Simultaneously new infill housing is resuscitating the district.
27 Lucy resuscitates Frank and they visit Patricia.
28 By this time they had resuscitated him.
29 Even the compelling crucifixion of Christ can't quite resuscitate it.
30 Lex Luthor works on resuscitating Black Adam.
31 Doctors tried to resuscitate her, but weren't successful.
32 Ryan saves Kendall from a burning room and resuscitates her.
33 Now that one would resuscitate even a dead record company .
34 We can only resuscitate , we can't resurrect.
35 After removing the aneurysm, she was successfully resuscitated .
36 As firefighters tried to resuscitate the children, paramedics failed to arrive.
37 Though originally administered with woman it can resuscitate in national doctor relics.
38 We must resuscitate minds that are largely dead when we receive them.
39 The DC defibrillator provided a new approach for resuscitating patients.
40 Jesus was not resuscitated , as was the case of Lazarus.