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1 Rising hormone levels during puberty may cause acne.
2 In many states sales tax revenues are rising .
3 India is another rising clean energy leader.
4 Growth hormone levels rise steadily throughout puberty.
5 From 1860 onwards slate prices rose steadily.
6 This number had risen dramatically since 2000.
7 The modern compass rose has eight principal winds.
8 It rises 40 m above sea level.
9 The current sea level rise is accelerating.
10 The move means booze sales are still rising .
11 Rising metal content means stronger stellar winds .
12 The manufacturing survey shows price pressures are rising .
13 The rose colored glasses are long gone.
14 A heated debate is rising among psychologists.
15 Once treatment began pain levels rose daily.
16 Her writing never rose to high standards.
17 The group has risen from very humble beginnings.
18 There were few opportunities to rise quickly.
19 Because life expectancy is rising and birth rates are falling.
20 Bankers reported rising loan demand along with improved credit quality.
21 The talk had turned to rising signs.
22 Cherry pipe smoke rising from soft leather.
23 Formal employment and real wages are rising .
24 Let rise again until doubled in bulk.
25 The costs of cancer care are rising fast.
26 Sea levels are rising at barely six inches per century.
27 These savings help hold down rising costs in higher education.
28 Funding costs rose amid renewed volatility in financial markets.
29 In later copies the rising moon was gold tinted.
30 The total tax burden has risen only slightly.
31 The consumer price index rose 40 per cent in 1973.
32 Old walls rose high on either hand.
33 The army of social workers had indeed risen sharply.
34 The best bite was very early before sun rise or evening.
35 The girls rose late the following morning.
36 The shares rose 4 to 254p yesterday.
37 Obesity is a rising global health problem.
38 And just watch those test scores rise !
39 Water temperatures are slowly starting to rise .
40 What gave rise to such large scale folding?