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1 The internal critique is more searching still.
2 Most search engines ignore stop words while searching .
3 Sometimes searching is more useful than finding.
4 User registration is required before searching the database.
5 I am searching awesome news and idea.
6 This company began searching for finance four years ago.
7 Added interface dialog for searching forum topic.
8 This algorithm is a local searching algorithm.
9 The default search option is searching by keywords.
10 Detailed indexing provides additional information and makes searching easier.
11 Judicial opinions are available for searching online.
12 The files are indexed for fast searching .
13 I found this post while searching google.
14 While searching the sky another explosion occurred.
15 Searching such an index is very rapid.
16 Both rooms had received the same brutal searching treatment.
17 The page is pretty useless for searching .
18 BSA started systematically searching for more endowment money.
19 The whole piece is searching and dramatic.
20 He was searching among some old boxes.
21 The characters were searching themselves, changing.
22 This is an area for more searching .
23 Should you start searching for online boutiques stores?
24 Still searching for that perfect last minute holiday gift?
25 Was searching internet and found your great site.
26 I am currently searching for a crew job.
27 Searching questions and biblical answers stir our souls.
28 Searching images using keywords assigned on images or related text.
29 I stumbled across this article while searching the internet.
30 A little searching on your part is therefore necessary.
31 You are searching for the perfect dating candidate.
32 Then searching for a homeopathic pain relief medicine.
33 Word searching was also included for general queries.
34 Police arrested both men and continued searching the scene.
35 Find button on the element toolbar helps searching through longer texts.
36 Searching for employment is a personal process.
37 They were searching for the gym shoes.
38 We are searching for answers and seek understanding.
39 Bees collect pollen while they are searching for nectar.
40 Are you searching to shed excess weight?