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1 The website offers several mp3 examples.
2 There are several important steps toward such liberation.
3 The web site includes several useful slide presentations.
4 So several local groups again scored intermediate victories.
5 The mounted squadron subsequently executed several movements.
6 There are several very accomplished blind golfers.
7 There are several different pixel filters available.
8 Auction included several very large live steam locomotives.
9 He had several strokes before passing away.
10 The clinical program maintains several standing student committees.
11 The application process guides candidates through several critical business issues.
12 The student debt crisis has several causes.
13 This typically meets several times each semester.
14 Out front several unnamed gentry were spitting blood.
15 That is another several billion dollars spent.
16 The area boasts several excellent school systems.
17 The party cell contained several dubious characters.
18 Several cities are experiencing incredibly high foreclosure rates.
19 This research covers several closely related areas.
20 The fund has purchased several aerospace companies among 29 deals.
21 Local revolutionary committees published several small newspapers.
22 Several large institutions are advocating open access.
23 The ring itself is several hundred pounds.
24 Several "top shelf" restaurants downtown.
25 It was several doctors across five states.
26 Corsica has several harbours where ferries moor.
27 Temporary services are heavily courting several larger districts.
28 Some girls are sold several times before actually getting married.
29 The nearest homes were several hundred yards away.
30 This piece includes several speeches edited together.
31 It has been updated several times since.
32 Our study enrolled patients several years ago.
33 Blizzard has several different programming positions available.
34 This process supposedly took several billion years.
35 The estate win is clomid buy online australia replaced several .
36 The word "blessed" has several clear advantages.
37 Several more states are developing supporting regulations.
38 This procedure contains several relatively minor errors.
39 The online course had several training modules.
40 The breweries pioneered several quality control efforts.