siamese twins

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1 But Siamese twins is more like it.
2 Close as bloody Siamese twins they were.
3 It was the same way with separating Siamese twins .
4 Other varieties of Siamese twins may also be possible.
5 Gemini is a pair of Siamese Twins .
6 In 1811, the first recorded set of Siamese twins was born.
7 We must separate these Siamese twins .
8 Guess that 's four tooly like a pair of Siamese twins .
9 Abigail and Brittany Hensel are siamese twins who share one body.
10 What happens if a queen gives birth to a pair of siamese twins ?
11 Siamese twins were a popular theme, primarily in EC's three horror comics.
12 In the Islamic world, religion and the state are like Siamese twins .
13 Ecological sanity and social justice, Hawken implies, are like Siamese twins .
14 Thus, goals and objectives are often referred to as siamese twins of management.
15 The Democrats and Republicans are like Siamese twins , joined at the wallet.
16 The term " Siamese twins " is no longer used since it is considered racially insensitive.
17 They are named after Chang and Eng Bunker, the original Siamese Twins .
18 The structure of any Siamese twins phrase has words that are related in some way.
19 And THEY are healthy Date siamese twins . LEAPSOFT Leapsoft confusion V1.
20 They're conjoined like Siamese twins at the mouth, belly, and crotch.
21 The Muslim polymath Abū al-Rayhān al-Bīrūnī described Siamese twins in his book "Kitab-al-Saidana".
22 Do siamese twins pay for one ticket or two tickets when they go to movies and concerts?
23 The new myth, the myth of the siamese twins will make of him a forgotten bogey.
24 The term " Siamese twins " originates with Chang and Eng Bunker, the conjoined twins from Siam.
25 His eighth novel,"The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins ", was published in May 2014.
26 In the first two years of our marriage , we were glued to each other like Siamese twins .
27 They travelled with P.T. Barnum's circus for many years and were labeled as the Siamese Twins .
28 The most common conjunctions used in a phrase that constitutes Siamese twins are "and" or "or.
29 Queequeg mounts it, tied to Ishmael's belt by a monkey-rope as if they were Siamese twins .
30 The hospital gained popularity when it successfully operated on Siamese twins and was able to separate them with no complications.
31 And anyhow, those siamese twins of blues and folk form a genre combo that often refuse all attempts at separation.
32 Siamese twins occurring as a pair (that is, having two words occurring together) are also known as binomials.
33 The words constituting a Siamese twins phrase may be synonyms, antonyms, include alliterations or similar-sounding words that often rhyme.
34 Lester Reynold Dragstedt (2 October 1893 – 16 July 1975) was the first surgeon to successfully separate siamese twins .
35 December 14 – The first successful surgical separation of Siamese twins is conducted in Mount Sinai Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.
36 Two others surviving against the odds are Siamese twins Hassan and Hussein Salih, six, of Hounslow, west London.
37 The film was accompanied by a sensational marketing campaign that asked sexual questions such as "Do the Siamese Twins make love?
38 Let me conclude with the following remark, at one level as reflected in the assertions by Alvain and Bergman, that there is only one atomic energy and the peaceful and the military atom are Siamese twins , it cannot be denied that Atoms for Peace at least opens the possibility for proliferation of the military use of the atom.
39 This seems to be caused by a powerful muscular spasm in the vagina that locks the erect penis fast and bonds the amorous couple like Siamese twins .
40 I'm not going to see any Siamese twins ." So I kind of forgot about it, and lo and behold, two months later, along came these doctors from Germany, presenting this case of Siamese twins.