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1 His last name was covered in snot .
2 Trying to 100 % the levels is hard as snot too.
3 It was warm and had the consistency of snot !
4 Long strands of snot were hanging from her nose.
5 Remember when Bears fans were worth a chunk of snot ?
6 Once again thanks for taking that little talentless snot .
7 He thinks less of it than his snot rag .
8 Does snot come out of the piercing hole?
9 It can have a snot like consistency.
10 Buy that Barry Staples kid he was a snot nose loser.
11 Week 2 came with a nasty cough and lots of thick snot .
12 Far East Time ha snot changed , the same barbarian principles remain.
13 I would break down into a blubbering pile of snot .
14 Cover his opponents with sticky but unbreakable piles of snot ?
15 They fumbled because they got the snot knocked out of them.
16 Tears and snot running down her face would not be correct protocol.
17 It's in your spit and your snot , twenty-four seven.
18 What works for one person doe snot seem to work for another.
19 Carolyn lifted her head sightlessly, tears and snot streaming down her face.
20 UW lost because MSU beat the snot out of them ....again.
21 Cleaned all the snot out you know!
22 He loudly blows his nose, saying he's got " snot blocks".
23 I don't care if it looks like a pile of snot .
24 Nothing, and I do mean nothing, smells worse than whale snots .
25 It sounded so true that I felt the snot exploding from my nostrils.
26 Sookie gets the snot kicked out of her on a regular basis.
27 The way we were positioned , snot from his nose dripped into mine.
28 Over boiling Watts the downtown skyline carries a smear of God's green snot .
29 This particular batch does have a snot like consistency but it works just fine.
30 Sniffing the glasses in snot enough.
31 I didn't know which was worse - his snot or his flob.
32 You imply that you respect my views yet your response is riddled with snot quotes.
33 Do I Know You Or Snot ?
34 Strew snot snit water sad snow yup mup.
35 This helped to generate a uniquely antagonistic and individual so-called " snot " driven punk bands.
36 He was in Snot in the beginning and a couple of other local bands.
37 He also admitted to once eating snot in the episode "Field of Pete".
38 The pale cement-coloured walls were streaked with dirt like snot running from a thousand noses.
39 Kids and snot are synonymous .
40 She later goes on to like the calm, full of snot , true Bull.