social attitudes

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1 Notes adverse social attitudes towards deaf people.
2 Social attitudes at school and at home were rather different.
3 Let us begin with social attitudes to ageing.
4 Was it defined by law or social attitudes ?
5 There are also indications of changing social attitudes as regards legitimacy.
6 What does this say about social attitudes towards women ?
7 That's just the problem, social attitudes whisper.
8 It is these contexts which provide the contexts for social attitudes .
9 Dr Tysoe believes that social attitudes are changing.
10 Heroes should be role models and should reflect the prevailing social attitudes .
11 They're also fairly conservative when it comes to social attitudes .
12 This was reflective of the social attitudes of the time.
13 Ramis wants to believe that his films have affected social attitudes .
14 Now look, this is a sign that social attitudes are changing.
15 In any event, social attitudes towards teacher authority appear to be changing.
16 Mary Montague criticised contemporary social attitudes towards women in many of her writings.
17 Beverly's social attitudes and morals were also nearly identical to these schools.
18 Where the findings are even more startling involves the social attitudes of young people.
19 The baby boom generation embraced the changes that liberalized social attitudes in the province.
20 Prison rules have changed, reflecting changes in domestic law and social attitudes towards sex.
21 But that too, requires not just social attitudes , but government attitudes changing.
22 Conservative Muslim social attitudes on modern issues have caused controversy in Europe and elsewhere.
23 The stories in these comics reflected the social attitudes and aspirations of the times.
24 An attempt to revolutionise social attitudes is no less revolutionary merely because it is subtle.
25 It is without doubt that social attitudes changed radically in short time after the conversion.
26 During the Victorian period, social attitudes required women to cover their bosom in public.
27 They are a fascinating reflection of the development of communications, language and social attitudes .
28 The war also influenced social attitudes toward women and helped to liberate them from corsets.
29 A rule of thumb in the comedy world is that social attitudes change every four years.
30 The slant given in the indoctrination program is the significant factor in olding social attitudes .
31 Social attitudes such as gender roles and community views toward language learning have also proven critical.
32 Social attitudes toward aging and the elderly are moving steadily to healthier and more accepting norms .
33 Social attitudes don't help.
34 Yet, I have no doubt that political and social attitudes are guiding this trend.
35 It is a matter of social attitudes , which will vary from culture to culture.
36 The change from a pipe to a nicotine patch reflected changing social attitudes and broadcasting regulations.
37 A country's ethnic composition, homogeneous versus heterogeneous, can explain social attitudes and practices.
38 This disparity in social attitudes is certainly reflected in the ambivalent feelings held by retired people.
39 And while mixed marriages were never illegal in Canada, social attitudes once greatly opposed such unions.
40 Political conditions and social attitudes also affect the formation of lesbian relationships and families in open.