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1 Most gods were associated with specific aspects of life.
2 Other accounts emphasise deficits in specific aspects of memory.
3 Each night will delve into specific aspects of directing.
4 Specific aspects of treatment must often be modified for women.
5 Fourth, specific aspects of reconstruction should be discussed.
6 The structural economic changes have influenced specific aspects of the family.
7 The measures are reported on one specific aspect of care.
8 What specific aspects of the port required more development time?
9 The book is clearly organized, each chapter covering one specific aspect .
10 It discourages investigations of specific aspects of lesbian subjectivity.
11 However , one specific aspect of this theory is certain.
12 Materiality is an entity specific aspect of relevance.
13 In addition, several other government departments managed specific aspects of education.
14 This one specific aspect of personality strongly influences the decision making process.
15 Individual commissioners are assigned responsibility for a specific aspect of municipal affairs.
16 They will show you specific aspects of the inner you.
17 It consists of 11 chapters, each focusing on a specific aspect .
18 The show's developers decided to use specific aspects of the language.
19 What specific aspects of Lawson's childhood particularly intrigued or repelled you?
20 This chapter will provide a more detailed examination of specific aspects of criminality.
21 These users specialize in flaming and target specific aspects of a controversial conversation.
22 He also wrote several shorter letters and essays discussing specific aspects of computus.
23 Articles considering specific aspects of intercontinental collision include those by Burke et al.
24 This group consists of 20 girls, each representing specific aspects of school life.
25 There are numerous studies of specific aspects of Lincoln's career and influence.
26 What specific aspects of Genesis 1-3 are foundational to the gospel?
27 It focuses on one specific aspect of the system and suggests alternate approaches.
28 The second part will deal with specific aspects of each country's financial system.
29 Each project is designed to develop a specific aspect of learning and teaching practice.
30 Patient advocacy groups tend to focus on specific aspects of health care or diseases.
31 Involve us as design consultants on a specific aspect of a project.
32 Holding period analysis is also a specific aspect of the DCF analytical technique.
33 Other unusual isotopic ratios within these grains reveal many specific aspects of explosive nucleosynthesis.
34 The planning session focused on specific aspects of GOOS implementation that required immediate action.
35 Ring tried to find out about two specific aspects of these OBEs.
36 Focused on a specific aspect of our lives; localized, isolatable.
37 Surgical specialists who commonly treat specific aspects of facial trauma are oral and maxillofacial surgeons.
38 Such evenings are for cementing business relationships rather than for discussing specific aspects of business.
39 This work elucidated which specific aspects of spatial representations seemed to be most impaired.
40 Typically, participants work through simple scenario and then discuss specific aspects of the plan.