specific case

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1 There are highly specific cases where such may occur.
2 Specific case studies may include student presentations.
3 Many excellent arguments never refer to specific cases .
4 Criticism has not always been related to specific cases .
5 Students learn to identify legal issues presented by specific cases .
6 Medicare officials declined to comment on specific cases .
7 Everything depends on the details of specific cases .
8 The rule provides for exceptions and for specific cases .
9 Some specific cases will fall through the cracks, though.
10 However we witnessed rather slow performance in some specific cases .
11 Please contact Move One regarding your specific case .
12 I'll look into the specific case .
13 But naturally this might be wrong in this specific case .
14 The only exception to this is specific cases of family reunion.
15 Maybe you just need to tweak a specific case .
16 The Rapporteur mentioned specific cases of individuals who should stand trial.
17 In this specific case , using regulated 12V power was important.
18 The attorney didn't consult with me on my specific case .
19 Stereoelectronic effect can be directional in specific cases .
20 Moreover, its production ranges in specific cases , other styles.
21 This specific case is mention in the Human Rights Report?
22 This is a specific case of engine-generator.
23 We can't comment on private communications or on specific cases ".
24 Specific cases or limits of random walks include the Lévy flight.
25 Only in specific cases and in reference to certain definite union groups.
26 The other types of financial compensation apply in very specific cases only.
27 I think looking at specific cases to understand the problem is helpful .
28 Gossett and Pearson worked on specific cases of significance testing.
29 Please talk to you Legal Aid office about your specific case .
30 Spanish and Portuguese retained it though, in some specific cases .
31 I do not understand people blaming China in this specific case .
32 In short, everything depends on the merits of the specific case .
33 What is reasonable can only be decided with regard to specific cases .
34 One specific case will serve to illustrate the proof of this theorem.
35 In the specific case offered here, context is the most important factor.
36 The last argument is an integer that is used only for specific cases .
37 So on that specific case , I refer you to them.
38 Specific cases of disputes between deletionists and inclusionists have attracted media coverage.
39 It is likely the Motorola gallery will work in this specific case .
40 Please contact the Immigrant Visa Unit for advice on specific cases .