specific context

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1 Every classroom has a unique and specific context .
2 They are actively presenting themselves as readers in this specific context .
3 In many specific contexts , however, a distinction still continues.
4 Or perhaps he made his statement in some specific context .
5 Psychologists usually study it in specific contexts and situations.
6 However, we all live in specific contexts framed by history.
7 No. It just limits it to a specific context .
8 I understand that strict historians use it in a specific context .
9 The programme will be geared towards the specific context of course participants.
10 Sometimes a word or grammar structure appears only in a specific context .
11 Adult learners want education to relate to specific contexts in their lives.
12 They develop an increasingly comprehensive awareness of rights and responsibilities in specific contexts .
13 Leadership happens in a specific context that no two leaders face identically.
14 It is valid and has its merit but only within a specific context .
15 At present, the networking for swarming is only available in specific contexts .
16 Such use may or may not be appropriate depending on the specific context .
17 It is also important to consider the Arab world in its own specific context .
18 Insight is the understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specific context .
19 It is mostly used to eliminate inadequate software in the specific context of the user.
20 A person may advocate nonviolence in a specific context while advocating violence in other contexts.
21 Those two are specific contexts .
22 Learning how to match a method to a specific context is one aspect of expertise.
23 The way in which institutions can deliver efficiencies will vary depending on their specific context .
24 Observations enable the clinician to view some of the behaviors and emotions in specific contexts .
25 This section presents a brief explanation of T-RFLP in the specific context of community fingerprinting.
26 For Lave, learning is a process ungone by an actor within a specific context .
27 But there is also the specific context of the show's setting and time period.
28 Are these gatherings emblems of the idea of gathering or do they have specific context ?
29 I came up with a global slogan which would be relevant for this specific context .
30 Furthermore, Pearce and Cronen believe that these specific contexts exist in a hierarchical fashion.
31 Within a specific context , more precise meanings are not uncommonly given the word "meditation".
32 Said another way, engaging in the behavior produces reinforcing internal stimulation unique to the specific context .