specific factor

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1 This election result reflects two specific factors .
2 What specific factors exacerbate the problem? 2.
3 Then this extension allows for a country specific factor .
4 The specific factors and causes underlying this sexual differentiation are largely unknown.
5 Two projects are compared by means of weighting the following specific factors .
6 What specific factors promote optimal effectiveness?
7 Obviously the specific factors vary depending upon the specific job to be designed.
8 Most of the discussions above have centred upon specific factors particular to Britain.
9 The problem is, the public doesn't know what specific factors determine compatibility.
10 It helps researchers to notice how a specific factor relates to the overall environment.
11 The influence of specific factors in deciding a rating varies from country to country.
12 It really depends on the specific factors that happen to be causing your symptoms.
13 In addition to these general points, there are some specific factors in Scotland.
14 Remember, the amount of fat you want will depend on many specific factors .
15 Various different empirical studies have found that undermining has three specific factors that develop counterfactual thoughts.
16 The specific factors driving this dynamics in murder rates are complex and not universally agreed upon.
17 Let's evaluate the specific factors that may contribute to infertility in patients with endometriosis.