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1 Each dialect has its own specific features discussed individually here.
2 You can read more about specific features else where.
3 The notion of specific feature detectors is questioned on statistical grounds.
4 Many athletic shoes are designed with specific features for specific activities.
5 The paper provides the specific features of these cells.
6 A refined approach also incorporates specific features of the computing devices.
7 As development continues, specific features emerge from this basic pattern.
8 What are some specific features of European communication strategies?
9 It has the cycling specific features you will want.
10 Certain systems are written to exploit specific features of a particular machine.
11 What were the specific features of the modern "bastion myths"?
12 Videogame reviews often praise the game for this specific feature .
13 The specific features of these caricatures became widely accepted as accurate portrayals.
14 No interface has each specific feature , so how do we choose?
15 However, specific features of the LTE technical specifications may improve energy efficiency.
16 What is the specific feature of V4 neurons? if any.
17 Results are mixed, since they depend on specific features of the models.
18 Such datacenters and physical hardware, storage and networking has some specific features .
19 A lunar map was needed on which specific features could be unambiguously identified.
20 Research is currently limited on the specific features of technology integration that improve learning.
21 Sometimes these are commissioned for specific features following an approach from the PRO.
22 The -W option for implementation specific features is from the POSIX standard.
23 This is a problem-specific task which involves exploiting a problem's specific features .
24 Each type of pond will need to be planned for its specific features .
25 Male-to-female change occurs when the females have preference for specific features in males.
26 A specific feature of the church influenced by Knox is its becoming more political.
27 In these cases historians used general design features or specific features to deduce probable author.
28 Internet style dimension publications normally help you print a specific features you may have developed.
29 This additional circuitry is usually designed to provide the specific features required by the applications.
30 Each feature name within a class always maps to a specific feature within the class.
31 This section is devoted to further describing how to setup specific features of AceSpy.
32 Specific features of the collection are the original smoking room and the tracht hall.
33 Other times, a specific feature or trait may become the character's idiosyncratic focus.
34 The Glagolitic alphabet was suited to match the specific features of the Slavic language.