specific focus

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1 The specific focus is reading scheme, a very interesting challenge.
2 Specific focus is placed on users with alternate devices and disabilities.
3 Their collection then takes on a more specific focus .
4 There is a less specific focus on middle-class occupations.
5 With a specific focus on the luxury goods and fashion sectors.
6 Certification to become a case manager differs depending on the specific focus .
7 Some liberal arts education provide general education, others have a specific focus .
8 Broad introduction to the topic, specific focus on women's issues.
9 The language has a very specific focus : design of GUI-based forms.
10 These Gateways provide a specific focus at different periods of your life.
11 Since resources are usually limited, it is important that specific foci are chosen.
12 Users can then trim down the data set to fit a more specific focus .
13 Neither will your wider interests have been frustrated by choosing such a specific focus .
14 This lesson is about beginnings, and the specific focus age level is YA.
15 But this gives you a specific focus on , what is that work?