specific form

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1 The specific form will differ depending upon national jurisdiction.
2 The song received other specific forms of praise.
3 Some states provide specific forms you must use.
4 Additional suggested improvements included the development of a department specific form .
5 The specific form of this relation is not important.
6 Bird's nest custody is a specific form of joint custody.
7 We shall come across specific forms of them later.
8 Peer-to-peer systems contribute to more specific forms of distributed capitalism.
9 It thus becomes a contextually specific form of easing.
10 Fundamental Principles describes disability as a specific form of social oppression.
11 Specific forms of ID are not listed in statute.
12 Specific forms of art were developed in Georgia for religious purposes.
13 The application can be applied by filling up specific forms .
14 The derivation of the specific form need not concern us.
15 A capital territory can be a specific form of federal district.
16 Specific forms of fall protection for employees working above a given height.
17 Thus racist discourses and practices are seen to emerge in specific forms .
18 No. There is not a specific form for letters of recommendation.
19 In Creole there is no specific form for the future tense.
20 The specific form the identification with each homeland takes has different political implications.
21 This leaves each to its specific forms of argumentation and justification.
22 A specific form of marriage is not required for non-Catholics.
23 The distance between two specific forms .
24 Is there a specific form to use for letter of recommendation?
25 What specific forms , one must ask, does this organization take?
26 Others that do not specialize in specific form of jutsu.
27 The specific form of the culminating experience is determined by the major program.
28 The Imperial cult tolerated and later included specific forms of pluralistic monism.
29 Millennialism as such is a specific form of Millenarianism.
30 Citizen journalism is a specific form of both citizen media and user generated content.
31 It is a specific form of human source intelligence (HUMINT).