specific issue

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1 There are many identifiable specific issues too.
2 It does not address every specific issue .
3 They receive training concerning specific issues affecting the upcoming election.
4 Credit reporting raises specific issues that governments must address.
5 A specific issue regarding this controversy has arisen during courtroom proceedings.
6 Dating any specific issue has always been problematic.
7 It is to address specific issues of unemployment law.
8 Parties also sometimes held national conferences to address specific issues .
9 Sometimes deputies were appointed to deal with specific issues .
10 It was on a very specific issue .
11 The agency may ask experts to provide presentations on specific issues .
12 Specific issues may be processed in individual counselling.
13 It was unclear what specific issues Samsung had encountered .
14 This specific issue normally occurs when installing solid strandwoven bamboo flooring .
15 Ad hoc opposition groups tend to coalesce around specific issues .
16 They did not talk about that specific issue .
17 Such committees would research and propose national policy on specific issues .
18 On specific issues Catholic moral teaching would give specific guidance.
19 He also became involved in international campaigning on specific issues .
20 On what specific issues did they agree and disagree?
21 My concern is to address a different and very specific issue .
22 On certain specific issues there may be changes of emphasis.
23 It had power cycling problems and a specific issue with packaging .
24 Which countries are those and what are the specific issues ?
25 Other featured speakers addressed specific issues impacting nurses , pharmacists and physicians.
26 Instead, parliamentarians aligned temporarily – according to specific issues .
27 This is the specific issue that Paul is dealing with.
28 Nonetheless, some specific issues can be raised.
29 Justice Black turned to specific issues with the majority.
30 Such questions aim at keeping the Parliament updated on specific issues .
31 Expert witnesses give their opinion about a specific issue .
32 They work together to consider carefully which specific issues to approach.
33 And he does not bring up a specific issue .
34 Generalized psychic reading will not tackle specific issues concerning your life.
35 Community organizing is sometimes focused on more than just resolving specific issues .
36 Buttressing his platform have been plans on specific issues .
37 You'd gag if I told you the specific issues .
38 The PRC focused on specific issues , and its chairmanship rotated.
39 So some specific issues I want to talk briefly about.
40 Treatment is highly varied and depends on the person's specific issues .