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1 The concentrates are designed to target more specific problems .
2 The intermediate rainfall region had its own specific problems .
3 Such specific problems are extremely common in nature.
4 Developing materials targeting each park's specific problem is recommended.
5 Review existing literature on the specific problem .
6 Schiller held that truth was relative to specific problems .
7 They are designed to test for specific problems .
8 Creation of such ephemeral art has its specific problems .
9 Creating new programming languages for domain specific problems has never worked .
10 You may initiate the consultation seeking advice on a specific problem .
11 Are there any specific problems writing audio DSP using multiple processing?
12 The children's situation did not raise any specific problems .
13 I have put together combinations of products for specific problems .
14 There may be specific problems with accurate diagnosis in developing countries.
15 While correct , this is hardly a kernel specific problem .
16 Of course , that is one specific problem .
17 The new clause seeks to address that specific problem .
18 Your physician can recommend treatment to eliminate the specific problem .
19 The intention of design is to solve a specific problem .
20 However, my specific problems have not been discussed.
21 Here we deal with specific problems that seem to plague churches.
22 What is the specific problem that needs to be solved?
23 State this in Claire's specific problem .
24 Answers to specific problems or conditions may not apply to everyone.
25 Might help to have more background on your specific problem .
26 We suggested making lists of specific problems and possible solutions and actions.
27 He later turned away from comprehensive theories to focus on specific problems .
28 This book addresses specific problems of spiritual theology and the ascetic life.
29 The raid was a very specific response to a very specific problem .
30 Some subfields focus on the solution of specific problems .
31 Do not focus, yet, on any specific problem .
32 Have you helped over 1,000 people solve this specific problem ?
33 Address the specific problem (s), not general complaints.
34 Specific problems faced by Irish women are also overlooked and demand attention.
35 Thus, the specific problems of the given textual tradition emerge clearly.
36 Apply general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense.
37 Value proposition: Demonstrate your experience in solving specific problems .
38 Drilling is the repeated performance of exercises designed to master specific problems .
39 See tables above for specific problems .
40 It solves a few specific problems .