specific purpose

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1 The containers are built for specific purposes .
2 Psychological evaluations are conducted for a specific purpose .
3 These programs were all written for specific purposes .
4 Each type of weight has a specific purpose .
5 Each one had a very specific purpose .
6 Not every purpose, a specific purpose .
7 It had clear specific purposes for Israel.
8 These classes configure a text object for their own specific purposes .
9 You chose it all for very specific purposes .
10 There are several different kinds of tea for a specific purposes .
11 What is the specific purpose of the needs assessment?
12 Each serves a specific purpose and provides specific rights and remedies.
13 There are also smaller cycles and individual practices for specific purposes .
14 The plants have been genetically altered for this specific purpose .
15 Meanwhile a number of short lines were built for specific purposes .
16 Photo sequences show that this high kick served a specific purpose .
17 Other learning theories have also been developed for more specific purposes .
18 This was all designed for a specific purpose .
19 Each workout in the plan has a specific purpose .
20 Before 1917, Congress authorized loans for specific purposes .
21 Increasingly, Government funds are targeted for highly specific purposes .
22 It was the next step toward establishing educational institutions for specific purposes .
23 Each recording within subliminal app is tuned for a specific purpose .
24 But I wanted each guy to have a specific purpose .
25 They raided with small parties, for a specific purpose .
26 Ask for a specific amount for a specific purpose .
27 The souls of the dead returned for a specific purpose .
28 I would have networked with a specific purpose earlier.
29 Determine the specific purposes why you are adding these fixtures first.
30 Specific purpose : To persuade the audience to become organ donors.
31 Here we have universal dominion for a specific purpose .
32 The options come from the various loads with specific purpose .
33 The specific purpose of each meta element is defined by its attributes.
34 Alternative correlation coefficients are available for specific purposes and types of data.
35 FGCC member agencies have established calibration lines for this specific purpose .
36 Vishnu's avatars typically descend for a very specific purpose .
37 This enables DBAs to create configurations for specific purposes .
38 Quartz crystals can be grown for specific purposes .
39 Visitors come to your site for a specific purpose .
40 We do not warrant these cubes for any specific purpose .